Anupama 16th December 2023 Written Episode: An Accident Turns Into a Life-Threatening Situation

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Vanraj dials Kinjal’s number, but she ignores the call. Anupama prompts her to answer, to which Kinjal responds that she has already messaged Toshu and will be home soon, yet the calls persist. Pari becomes emotional, and Choti denies any involvement in the situation. Anupama assures Choti that no one is accusing her and asks Kinjal to pull over so she can comfort Pari. As Kinjal pulls over, Anupama takes Pari into her arms while Choti expresses her desire to sit in the front seat.

According to Kinjal, anything is possible. In the chaos, Choti accidentally pushes her and falls off balance. As a result, the car collides with a nearby pole. Anupama immediately notices that Pari and Choti are awake while Kinjal is unconscious. Panicking, she attempts to exit the vehicle but realizes they are stranded on a cliff and in danger of falling. Toshu informs them via text message that Kinjal will be arriving soon. Vanraj prepares to leave but is stopped by Babu Ji, who suggests contacting Anupama to bring them to safety. Despite her struggles, Anupama tries to answer Toshu’s call but cannot reach it. In a moment of determination as a mother, she reminds herself that she cannot lose and urges Choti to find an alternate way out of the car.

Anupama says she won’t let anything happen to anyone, so Choti says we will die. Malti Devi tells Anuj that Anupama has yet to come home, as Choti has class. Ankush says she didn’t pick up my call either. Anuj calls her. Choti tries to go to the front. Anupama asks her to sit there. She takes Pari’s toy and grabs her bag. She tries to call, but it does not work. The car is moving. Choti says we will die.

She apologizes to Choti for shouting at her and asks her to read the poem told by Anuj. She says she won’t allow anything to happen to her children. Pari cries continuously, so she urges Choti to take care of her. Choti takes care of Pari. As Anupama sprinkles water on Kinjal’s face, she asks her to get up. As she tries to open Kinjal’s side door, it appears to have locked.

Vanraj informs Anuj that Anupama has gone on a picnic with Kinjal and Pari. Anuj suggests finding out their location instead of placing blame. Vanraj expresses confusion as to why Anupama ignored his request not to take the girls. Anuj defends Pari’s right as Anupama’s daughter to join in, and Baa interrupts, wondering why there is an argument. Vanraj accuses Anupama of deliberately teasing him, but Anuj argues that she wouldn’t do such a thing since he doesn’t matter to her. He clarified that Kinjal suggested the picnic and that she hadn’t informed anyone at home. However, when she found out about this, she told him through a message.

Vanraj is curious about why she didn’t send them back. Anuj questions her inability to hold a sensible conversation and points out her habit of staring with her eyes. He then remarks that Vanraj Shah has returned. He demands that she quiet down. Baa and Dimpy attempt to calm everyone down but continue arguing. Babu ji expresses concern for their well-being. Anuj assures him that he will look for them. Vanraj suggests that they join in the search as well. Baa prays for their safety. Finally, Anupama successfully opens Kinjal’s car door, bringing an unconscious Kinjal out of the vehicle. She then asks Choti to hand over Pari to her.

Choti gets shocked and says don’t leave me, Mummy. Anupama says she should listen to her and gives Choti to her. She asks Kinjal to hold the baby. Kinjal is semiconscious and holds Pari. Just as Anupama gets down, the door locks. She breaks the window’s glass with stone and asks Choti to come in. As Choti nears the window, Anupama pulls her out and kisses her. Kinjal is awake when they see the car falling.


Toshu says Papa had asked you not to meet them, so why did you take them to a picnic if anything happened then? Dimpy applies ointment to Kinjal’s injuries. Vanraj blames Anupama and holds her responsible for the accident. Toshu asks, how could you make such a mistake? Vanraj says Anupama Kapadia will never come to this locality from now on.

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