Anupama 4th August 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Anupama 4th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Barkha orders Romil to leave the house. He arrogantly questions if this is her usual way of speaking, implying that it may have contributed to her husband’s infidelity. She retorts that she will not tolerate Ankush’s son’s arrogance in her home. However, Ankush insists on staying there. Romil adds a derogatory comment about dying from noise pollution and Barkha raises her voice once more. This prompts Ankush to shout at her to stop, while Anuj begs them to end their argument in front of the child. Ankush then reveals that Barkha knew about his son all along, but she counters by saying she never expected him to dump the responsibility on her alone. He justifies himself by saying he cannot bear being separated from his son. In an attempt to provoke him, Barkha asks what would happen if she were to have an affair and bring her lover into their home. Anuj intervenes again, asking Barkha not to speak irrationally in anger. The argument continues as tensions rise between them.

Adhik explains that he cannot continue to support his illegitimate son. He recalls how Ankush once faced a similar situation and decided to take in Adhik as his own child 15 years ago. Anupama intervenes and urges them to end their argument, especially in front of the child. Adhik admits that he has been acting arrogantly and with a lot of attitude. Anupama reminds them that all children are gentle at heart, and Romil is simply hiding his pain behind his attitude. Ankush threatens to leave the house with Romil. Anuj suggests discussing the matter in the morning, while Ankush takes Romil away. Anuj then requests Pakhi to make sure Romil has something to eat. Anupama feels drained after the unexpected events of the day.

Ankush ruined their mood today, Leela says. Kinjal says Ankush’s son will always remind Barkha of his betrayal. The Shahs return home. She asks if Kavya has an affair and has a child, if they won’t accept her illegitimate child. Vanraj recalls how he betrayed Anupama. Leela argues it is difficult to accept Ankush’s betrayal and Barkha shouldn’t accept illegitimate children.

Barkha breaks down and tells Adhik that she can never accept Romil, even though she feels bad for him. She says Anupama didn’t tolerate Vanraj’s affair and had a divorce, but she isn’t supporting her. As Vanraj walks to his room, Leela says she will perform his, Kavya, and baby’s aarti. Vanraj says he feels tired and walks to his room. Toshu says Vanraj’s calf pain bothers him. Vanraj breaks down in his room when he walks into his room.

Leela says they should all go and rest now. Dimpy tells Samar that they need to go to Malti Devi tomorrow. Leela says Dimpy and Samar are eager to shine Malti Devi’s shoes. Dimpy argues. Toshu interferes. Dimpy insults him saying they are not like some here who are jobless. Toshu becomes angry. Samar claims Dimpy is not always wrong. In Leela’s view, Samar acts as his wife’s loyal puppet and approves everything she does.

Hasmukh dismisses them. Pakhi watches her and her siblings’ photos while cooking. A sauce spills on her phone. Toshu feels chest pain. Kavya recalls Anupama’s suggestion that she tell Vanraj the truth to clear her guilt. She walks to Vanraj and says she didn’t want to hide it from him, she knows it’s painful and hurtful, but he should kindly listen to her once. Angrily, Vanraj leaves the room.

As Adhik pins Romil to a wall, he threatens to smash him if he doesn’t get out of Kapadia Mansion/KM. Romil says he should speak to his father, regardless of who he is. Adhik continues to threaten. Romil says he doesn’t want to stay in this house until he gets his pocket money every month. Ankush interferes and pulls Adhik away. Anuj and the entire family joins. Adhik is warned to break his mouth if he touches his son again by Ankush.

Barkha yells at him, sparking an argument. Anuj questions the need for their fighting, as they had agreed to speak in the morning. They all demand immediate resolution. Ankush promises to send Romil abroad for further studies once he turns 18, but until then he will live with him. If Barkha causes any problems, Ankush is willing to leave the house. Anuj defends Ankush’s right to stay in the house since it belongs to him as well. Anupama suggests avoiding getting involved in Barkha and Ankush’s issues and letting Romil stay at KM. However, Anupama suddenly feels weak and dizzy again. The drama between them continues on.


Anupama calls Vanraj at midnight to say he is not fine, how could she tolerate his betrayal so easily? Anupama says she doesn’t want to discuss it as she forgot it very quickly. Vanraj leaves. Anuj notices Vanraj leaving and asks Anupama why he came at this time.

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