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He stumbles. Seerat rushes over to him and asks if he is feeling drowsy. He asks her to leave or else he will vent his frustration on her. If she hadn’t eloped from the wedding, Angad wouldn’t have married Sahiba and suffered like this. Angad asks her to stop. She says it is not Sahiba’s mistake this time, she cannot see him as this.

Sahiba is supported by her, according to Anand. According to Seerat, he overtrusted Sahiba, but she broke that trust; he tried to change for Sahiba, but Sahiba made a joke of his feelings; Sahiba is stubborn and won’t change; Angad needs to understand that Sahiba is not meant for him; he is wrong if he believes he can express his feelings to Sahiba and she will understand. Angad asks how she knows that he expressed his feelings to Sahiba.

Seerat believes she cannot inform him that she overheard his emotions, not Sahiba’s. He claims to have confided in Sahiba, who then disregarded his feelings. Despite this, he remains a kind individual who assists those in need. For instance, he supported Sahiba in gaining admission to an art college, only for her to abandon him to pursue her own dreams. When Bebe entrusted responsibilities onto Sahiba’s shoulders, she falsely accused Angad and left home because she knew that fulfilling her dream would become difficult if she was tied down by obligations. While Sahiba is enjoying hostel life, Angad is suffering here in agony. Unfortunately, his decision might have adverse effects on others as well.

Angad asks her what she means. She says Manveer hasn’t been able to get food or medicine since he left home and her health will worsen if this continues; Sahiba left home, and Manveer worries about Angad. She asks Angad what she means. Manveer is suffering from Sahiba’s abuse as she originally brought Simran home and then left Angad and hurt him. Seerat asks him to return home and lessen Manveer’s suffering. Angad agrees.

As Angad and Seerat make their way home, he starts to feel drowsy. Seerat kindly offers him a piece of chocolate, assuring him it will keep him awake. Grateful for the gesture, Angad accepts the treat. However, as they come to a stop at a red light, Sahiba happens to walk by and accidentally drops her bag. Without hesitation, Angad exits the car to assist her. Seerat joins him as they both notice Sahiba struggling with her things. Despite her initial resistance, Angad is determined to help her out. Sahiba playfully pokes fun at the choc on his lips and suggests that he finish it first before lending a hand. She then turns to Seerat and asks if she didn’t properly feed Angad his snack. Undeterred by Sahiba’s teasing, Angad continues to lend a helping hand even after she declines his assistance.

The song ‘Yaar Bedardeya’ is playing in the background. They both stand looking at each other. The signal turns green. Seerat alerts Angad. Sahiba walks away from there. Seerat provokes Angad again, asking him to wait while she helps Sahiba cross the road. Angad follows her.

Angad pulls Sahiba away on time from a speeding car. Sahiba gets angry seeing Angad getting sandwiched between Sahiba and Seerat. A bike heads towards Seerat. Seerat jumps on Angad. Seerat asks Sahiba to stop being stubborn and get into a car and let them take her to the hostel. Sahiba replies that she will manage.

Angad agrees to drive Seerat home at her request, but Sahiba remarks that he is always following Seerat’s orders. Angad concedes, mentioning that she is a strong-headed and prideful woman. Sahiba then suggests that he should solely listen to Seerat’s guidance, which angers Angad. Seerat interrupts, advising him to let it go since Sahiba does not understand him. She further states that it would be better to end the relationship rather than carry the weight of a failed one. With tears in her eyes, Sahiba walks away as Seerat happily accompanies Angad in his car.

Sahiba waits for an auto. Rumi stops his jeep near her. Sahiba gets scared and runs. Rumi drives the jeep behind her. Her bag is crushed when she drops it, and he thinks Sahiba shouldn’t have met and held Angad’s hand because Angad gives her pain and she has to forget him.


With Angad’s watch and blood-stained shirt in it, Sahiba finds that he has taken Angad out of his life and now she belongs to him. Sahiba runs on the road concerned about Angad. Rumi stops his jeep and asks what she’s doing. Sahiba says Angad’s life is in danger. Rumi asks her to jump into his jeep, he’ll help her. She gets in. He smiles.

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