Teri Meri Doriyaan Written Episode Update


Teri Meri Doriyaan 27th February 2023, Written Update

It appears that Brars is still waiting for Seerat. The guests ask Angad why Seerat hasn’t come yet if everything is alright. Angad says yes. Darji becomes angry at the guest. Angad tells the guest that Seerat got angry at him for questioning her too much.

Reporters get out of control and question Lucky to inform him what is happening inside, is the wedding cancelled? As a result of their misbehaviour, Hansraj gets angry and lashes out at them. Reporters then ask him to tell them what is going on inside. Seerat is a rich family bahu and is taking a while to prepare, Hansraj says.

During the conversation, Keerat asks Jasleen to handle the situation outside. Jasleen says she can expose their lies, but she will not do so. Santosh says it’s wrong. Jasleen says Santosh has lied up to this point, so she doesn’t want to lie when it’s time to save the dignity of her family. Sahiba says she never lies. She pretends to leave the jail.

Santosh holds her feet and pleaded with her to save her from jail. Jasleen said she had pitied her and asks her to convince Seerat to replace her. Sahiba asks what else her mother lied about. Keerat asked Santosh to speak.

There is something wrong that Seerat is not coming out. Jaspal says she took time when they went to her house. Prabjyot asks Jaspal to check on her. Jaspal says Jasleen has already left.

Prabjyot notices Angad is upset and asks Veer to cheer him up. Veer cheers him up. Sahiba asks Santosh what else she lied about to Brars. Santosh says it isn’t the right time to discuss it and emotionally blackmails her into replacing Seerat as a bride. Sahiba refuses. Ajith will be humiliated, he will have blackening on his face, etc., according to Santosh.

Keerat warns her not to blackmail Sahiba and not drag her into her web of lies. Santosh says without their mistake, they will face humiliation. Sahiba requests not to force her. Santosh holds her feet and threatens to commit suicide. Seerat stops her. Sahiba is better than Seerat to ruin Angad’s mood, Jasleen thinks.

Jasleen asks Twinkle what she is doing here, the bride will be here soon. Twinkle reveals that she saw Seerat eloping with a boy in a car and shows the picture. Jasleen warns her not to share the information and offers her money. Twinkle leaves.

As a result of Santosh’s lies, Ajith believes he cannot face anyone. Sudha says Maybe Seerat got her sisters’ video call. Bebe says the wedding mahurat is important. Sudha asks for some time. Garry lies to Angad and tells him he handled the situation at their store so he should enjoy his wedding.

They are still waiting for Angad. Garry asks how everything is. Angad hopes the situation goes away with the shop accident and disconnects the call thanking him for handling it. Keerat goes in search of Seerat. Sanoths continues to emotionally blackmail Sahiba.

Seerat is replaced as a bride by Sahiba.

Ajith holds Sahiba’s hand and realizes it’s her. Jasleen introduces her as the best bride in the world.

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