Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th July 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th July 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Manish unintentionally burning the veggies. Kairav and Suwarna arrive. Manish and Muskaan put on an act. Kairav notices Muskaan’s absence from work and questions her about it. Muskaan explains that she is still on her designated days off. Kairav then turns to Manish and invites him to join the meeting. They all head out together. Meanwhile, Akshara accidentally leaves the stove on while forgetting to add hing (asafoetida). She sustains a burn and recalls Abhir, before leaving. Ruhi apologizes for having too many books to cover, to which Abhir responds by offering his help since Dadda isn’t present at the moment.

She mentions your irritation towards Maasa and Maasi. He suggests prioritizing this matter. She compares my handwriting to that of a doctor’s. Abhir’s name is inscribed on his book. Akshara reveals that she had stored his previous shoes, which could possibly be in the suitcase. She retrieves the old shoes and states the need to give them to Abhir before he leaves for school. Surekha notices Muskaan talking on the phone, while no one realizes that the stove is still on. Akshara remarks on the heavy rain outside and points out that the fire in the stove has been extinguished by it. Dadi sneezes and comments about catching a cold, intending to make ginger and Tulsi tea for herself. She proceeds to the kitchen.

Anjiri tells Dadi Abhir will take the kids to school. She prays. Dadi sees the gas stove already on. She says I turned it on, who else was here, my mind isn’t working because I sneezed. Surekha and Suwarna come downstairs. They smell gas. Dadi uses the lighter. She says the lighter doesn’t work, I’ll use a matchstick. They run to stop Dadi. There is gas filled in the kitchen, they ask Dadi to come out.

Manjiri smiles seeing the kids. Abhir gets sad talking about Akshara. Manjiri says wow, you both packed the bags. Ruhi says he will pack my bag every day. Manjiri tells them to get ready. Abhir says it’s my first day at school, so we used to pray to Kanha ji. She asks him to take the blessing. Ruhi says Abhir, you go and pray, and I will pray for you as well.

Shefali stops her and asks Abhir, what are you doing? Abhir says so many books, where should I keep the tiffin. She sees Abhir Abhinav Sharma written on the book label and angrily removes the labels. Shefali says Abhir has to attend school. She argues with Mahima, who says let her go, what she can do. As a doctor, I give bitter medicine to patients. Manjiri is ill, Abhir is in pain, you divided him into two houses, so he is not happy, and you’re not either.

Shefali informs Mahima that your son is fulfilling your wish, and you will be left alone. However, she thinks it’s important to wait for the right time. Hearing this, Mahima questions what they should do if Abhir breaks down. Sensing the tension, Manjiri steps in and reminds them of the pain a father goes through. She believes that it’s crucial to inform Abhir of his true identity before it’s too late. Manjiri reveals that his real name is Abhimanyu Birla, not Abhinav Sharma. Meanwhile, Akshara enters the room and observes the situation. She notices a cover and checks its label while Aarohi also arrives. Mahima expresses surprise at seeing Akshara and asks why she’s here. In response, Akshara states that it’s fortunate she came when she did or else she wouldn’t have found out about this discovery.

Her question to Manjiri is, “What’s wrong with you?” She argues. She says you have a problem with us, we have no problem, we will keep trying, we lost our child, you couldn’t lose your hatred, this is hatred, right?” Aarohi is worried. You didn’t think Abhir could see this hatred, why wouldn’t he feel that way? Abhinav is Abhir’s father, he has raised him, you have no right to remove him from Abhir’s life.

Muskaan cries after Surekha scolds him. Suwarna asks Surekha to calm down. He says Abhinav is also here. Surekha says everything would have burned, Abhinav lives here, so he should know his sister is so careless. Suwarna says we don’t know if Muskaan caused this. Surekha says she went to kitchen. Muskaan says yes. Surekha says Akshara and I… Muskaan says no. Muskaan says no. Surekha tells Muskaan to shut up.

Neither Makini nor Manjiri want to talk. You have to talk, Akshara says. You can shatter Abhir’s confidence. He is my son, so I will talk about him. Abhir has been sent to you because the judge believes you can raise him properly. He should have a happy family, not one that hates each other. Shefali says kids are at home, calm down, end the matter. Manjiri says no, the matter just started. They argue and cry.

In Akshara’s opinion, it is a wrong blame, because we went to Kasauli on Abhir’s advice, and your son is yours. What right did we snatch from him, nothing, and we all understood that a parent does not need to ask for or demonstrate rights. Manjiri asks why you come here every day, when the court has requested you to come on weekends. Akshara says you have nothing to say, so you are repeating the court’s decision.


Abhimanyu asks if I went to court. They argue. She says I have seen your world, so I’m scared for my son.


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