Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 1st September 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee See

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 1st September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Kunal engaging in a physical altercation with a group of thugs. Bobby expresses his admiration by saying “superb”, while the song “Duniya me logon ko” plays in the background. Bobby proceeds to record a video of the fight. Meanwhile, Vandana and her family watch from a distance. Kunal reprimands the goon and warns him not to return. In the midst of all this, he notices and picks up a watch. Vandana insists that she is capable of protecting her family without any interference, to which Kunal replies with courtesy, saying she is welcome. She retorts that he is not, but Vijay interjects and reminds her to thank Kunal for his help. Kunal brushes it off as unnecessary, stating that some people are just kind-hearted like that. Vandana then brings up the fact that she had let him use their washroom earlier, but Kunal reminds her that he had offered to pay for it. As they settle their differences, Kunal notices Vaibhav’s presence and comments on how some people believe love gives courage and strength, yet Vaibhav failed to support Vandana when she needed it most.

Vandana assures that she will handle the family matter, and Kunal and Bobby depart in the car. Kunal suggests taking a break and going to the office. Sarita inquires about Kunal’s reason for being there as a neighbor. Hemant asks for an update from Vandana. She mocks Hemant for not supporting her. Sarita urges them to finish on time, and then Vaibhav’s family leaves. Vaibhav checks on Vandana’s well-being before his departure, and Sarita asks him to come inside. He complies, while Kunal continues on his way. Hemant shares that he had to borrow money from goons, despite suggesting selling the bungalow to their dad who is stubborn and non-compliant with his suggestions.

He argues. Mrunal says I agree with him. She says we’ll get better if we get a flat in a society. Vijay cries. Hemant says this bungalow has become a burden. Vandana says no, we are living in Dad’s heart, we should worship our home or office. Kunal and Bobby arrive at the office. Kunal sees the staff chilling. The peon gets tea, coffee, and a cold drink. Kunal asks if I can have everything ready.

Kunal scolds the staff. Pammi and Guneet arrive. Vandana says it’s our house, we have memories and relations, we can’t sell it. Hemant says we won’t meet our needs. Vandana says hard work will meet our needs. Hemant says I need to start. She says dad doesn’t want to sell it. Vijay recalls Vaani’s words. Hemant asks him to say. Vijay claims this house is not less than a deposit or promise and cannot be sold. Vandana asks Hemant to stop her.

She gives water to Vijay and scolds Mrunal, then assures them that she will continue to help even after getting married. Hemant leaves, prompting Kunal to remark that the silence is more pleasant than any voice. Pammi questions why Kuku is angry, to which he responds by pointing out the excessive use of resources and reminding her that work is worship. He asks her to be mindful of their expenses, questioning why he should pay for such wastage while they could simply shut off the AC and close the windows.

He scolds them and expresses, “I will not allow this behavior anymore. Our office has turned into a dustbin. This is my workplace, and I refuse to tolerate such attitude. Let’s shift our focus to music.” Vandana lifts Vijay’s spirits while Kunal prompts the staff to respond to his questions. She engages in conversation with Vijay as Kunal inquires about the popular UK chartbuster. When one of the girls answers correctly, he exclaims, “Awesome! You are well-versed in UK songs, but what about Indian songs?” He raises his voice at them and reminds them that their work is important, and they should show respect towards it. He emphasizes that he needs someone who holds music dear to their heart. Vijay assures him that music is his life, and Vandana agrees with him while also reciting some shayari.

He says I can’t sell the house to help, there is a big reason, I’ll tell you at the right time. Vandana says it is your house, no one has the right to ask you why. He thanks for understanding. She says thanks for being my dad. He says you spoke rudely to Kunal, he helped us. She says I know, I get angry seeing him. She says I’ll thank him. He laughs. Anagha comes and says Hemant did a lot.


Vandana sings in chorus. She gets some money. She can’t let my dad’s heart break.

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