Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 25th December 2023 Written Episode: Sonia’s Emotional Turmoil Unfolds

Baatein Kuch Ankahee See

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 25th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode commences with Sonia questioning Vandana about any potential issues with her presence in the house. She offers to leave if there is a problem. Vandana reassures her that Kunal made the correct choice by inviting her to stay. As the lights come on, Sonia expresses her gratitude. Kunal acknowledges that it must not be easy for her, especially after he left her at the wedding altar and everything that followed. He apologises and asserts that nothing angers him more than domestic violence, mainly when it occurs within his family. He stands by his decision to do what he believed was right. Vandana encourages him, saying it is necessary. He smiles in response.

I asked to file a police report against Inder, but Sonia said no. Vandana explains the situation to Sonia. She refuses and panics. She says I will leave if you want. Kunal says no, relax, you can do it when you want. We won’t force you, so calm down. Pammi says to Sonia, you can stay here as long as you want; stay in Kunal’s room. As Sonia is ill, she will recover there soon, and there is too much noise here to disturb her. She asks Vandana to move to the guest room. Vandana agrees.

Sonia rejects the offer, stating that she can’t stay there because it’s not just Kunal’s room but also Vandana’s. However, Kunal disagrees and states that Bua is correct and that she should remain there to find peace. Pammi believes that this situation will lead to a confrontation. Vandana remembers Kunal’s words while they all gather around for dinner. Kunal appreciates the Marathi cooking style, while Pammi makes a snide comment. Tara comes to Kunal’s defence, causing him to thank Vandana for teaching Tara good things. This causes Vandana to smile. Vedika points out that Vandana had come home alone and praises her for arriving on time as she will get to taste the first rasoi food. Despite being served by Vandana, Sonia insists on not eating and simply sitting with everyone else.

He asks Vandana to serve Kunal food. Guneet says yes, he will feed Kunal. Bobby takes a video and says, “I love you guys.” Kunal likes the food. Vedika says I think he likes it. Vandana smiles. Bobby asks Kunal to praise it from the heart. Vandana knows how to scold. Everyone smiles.

It’s not like that, Kunal says. They insist. Vandana asks Kunal to give nek because you have given me the most precious nek by marrying me. Kunal asks what nek I should give. They smile. Vandana says even then, I still want nek. Pammi thinks she’s greedy. Guneet says that’s your right, Vandana. Take it. Kunal asks what you want. Vandana says you should control your anger. Kunal agrees. They all smile. Sonia watches.

Vandana expresses gratitude towards Kunal. He responds by saying he also requests that she not give up her work and career. Vandana agrees with a nod. Pammi chimes in, affirming that Vandana cannot quit her job as she needs to repay the loan and take care of the mortgage on her house. Kunal then announces his decision to return the house papers to Vandana, freeing her from the compulsion to work for his company. Vandana appreciates his gesture and states that she will continue to work out of her own will, as regaining her self-esteem is crucial. He replies, “As you wish.” Sonia watches this emotional exchange with tears in her eyes.

Kunal says Puran poli is good. Vandana smiles. Shayad yehi hai pyaar…plays… Kunal says I loved it. He goes. Sonia stumbles. He holds her and asks her to be careful. Vandana says I’ll get haldi milk. Pammi smiles. Kunal apologizes to Sonia. Sonia says Inder would have broken her bones. They both fall on the bed. Vandana sees them and gets up. Vandana comforts Sonia. Someone is seen recording their video.

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