Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 5th January 2024 Written Episode Update: Vandana’s Arrival at Tara’s Annual Function

Baatein Kuch Ankahee See

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 5th January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

In the episode, Tara asks Kunal who will dance: Sonia or Vandana. He tells Tara to choose one hand. He says Sonia. Sonia smiles. Vandana says all the best to Sonia ji. I will come to cheer you on, Tara. Sonia says when we perform, we will make everyone out, and we will win. Tara says you have to come; I have stage fear. Vandana promises I will come.

She asked everyone to be there on time since Vandana taught me to dance. Vedika says sure. Kunal asks Vandana about the presentation. Vandana says she has made it and mailed it as well. Bobby says she is a superwoman and keeps everything in order at home and the office. Kunal says good. He asks Vandana to come on time, and Tara gets confident when she is there. Vandana says I will be there on time. He leaves.

Mrunal comes, and Vedika asks if you are fine. Mrunal says yes. Bobby asks her to have breakfast. Vandana says no, she isn’t a guest or member of our family so that we will send her food to her room. She asks Mrunal to get lost. Mrunal apologizes and leaves. Vandana feels bad. Sonia and Tara are all set. Sonia says she will work hard to win the competition. Tara says she will win when her parents come. Sonia wishes Vandana wouldn’t reach.

He retorts, “A child doesn’t just happen because we got close. Mrunal isn’t carrying my child.” She insists, “She is carrying your child. It’s a big responsibility, and she needs you. Don’t abandon her.” He responds coldly, “Tell her to live her own life and let me live mine. Ask her to abort the baby; I’ll give her money. She can even go and commit suicide for all I care.” Enraged, she slaps him.

Sonia says even I can make my cute hairstyle. Tara says Dad has come, but Vandana hasn’t come, so she had to make my cute hairstyle. Vandana scolds Vaibhav. She says it will be good if you agree; otherwise, it will be bad for you. Sonia says Mrunal is Vandana’s sister, and Vandana is not focused on you. Kunal comes and asks what happened.

She says she wants Vandana Maa, so I won’t perform if she doesn’t. He says okay, she will come. You will perform anyway. Vandana Maa says she wants to accomplish this. He calls Vandana. Vandana says you must go with me and sort out the matter with Mrunal. He says fine, I will speak to Mrunal, marry her, accept the child, but what will you give me in return?

She inquires, “Did you get mad?” he responds, “You have plenty of money, so why not help your sister and me? I’m simply asking for a small amount.” She pushes him away, raising her voice. He tells her to decide what she wants to do. Frustrated, she declares that it was a mistake even to approach him. Kunal informs Sonia that Vandana isn’t picking up the phone. Sonia suggests that she must be busy with Mrunal and smiles. Vandana shares that she has done everything and heads towards her car. She mentions the importance of not being late for Tara’s annual function. However, Vaibhav stops her and insists on having a heart-to-heart conversation. This infuriates her, prompting her to shout at him once again.

Sonia says it is 2.50, and the event starts at 3. Vandana pushes Vaibhav away. Kunal calls Vandana. Tara watches. The event begins. Sonia asks Tara to accept it and move on if Vandana does not attend. The performances begin. Vaibhav takes the car keys and runs away, locking the door. Vaibhav sees Kunal’s call on her phone. She asks Vaibhav to give her the keys. He laughs and says, “You can’t attend Tara’s school now.” She worries.

Kunal says you have to perform. Sonia says we will dance and win, Tara. Kunal wishes them all the best. He calls Vandana again. Tara is scared. She says Vandana Maa, please come. Vandana rides an e-bike to the school. Kunal asks Tara to dance. Tara signs no. The lady asks what happened to Tara.

Sonia says don’t make fun of me; come on, dance. The boy laughs at Tara. Pammi asks why she froze. Bobby says Tara feels confident when Vandana is with her. Pammi smiles and thinks a big drama is going to occur at home. The boys joke. Sonia asks Tara to dance.

Vandana comes there and shouts at Tara. Tara stops seeing her. She says Maa… Everyone smiles at seeing Vandana. Tara cries. Vandana rushes to her. Bobby says wow, what an entry. Vandana hugs Tara. Tara says I feel scared without you. Vandana says I got late, so don’t worry. I am with you, so come on. The girl says you have two mums. The lady says yes, one old and one new mummy.

Vandana and Kunal pacify Tara. The lady asks which mum will perform today, new or old. Everyone taunts Kunal for enjoying life with his former and current wife. Pammi tells him not to bring Kunal in. Sonia asks how dare you. Kunal says don’t react. Vandana shouts one minute.


When Kunal sees the Krishna story, he smiles. Sonia stumbles. Vandana hugs Tara. They win the trophy.

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