Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 6th December 2023 Written Episode: Vandana’s Tough Decision Amid Family Opposition!

Baatein Kuch Ankahee See

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 6th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anagha and Hemant support Vandana’s decision during the first scene. Vijay refuses and leaves. Guneet says that marriage will happen only with Vijay’s permission. Hemant says I’ll talk to them. Guneet and every one leave. Inder and Sonia are on their way. Guneet drives rashly. He gets angry and remembers her words. She says I got stressed about Tara’s custody that day, do not get angry, I feel scared, stop the car. He stops the car. He says I gave you many years and kept Tara with me because of you.

Kunal was once a close friend, but I chose to deceive him due to your influence. Even though you claim you can’t forget Kunal after all these years, I have invested much in our relationship. You belong to me and only me, and if the thought of someone else crosses your mind, you are unaware of the lengths I will go to. Promise me that you will completely erase Kunal from your thoughts. Sonia wipes her tears and promises to forget him. As Vandana catches sight of Vijay, she breaks down in tears. Atya tries to comfort her as she expresses her concern for their father who has not consumed food or drink since morning. Atya assures her that he is upset and needs time to process everything. Vandana stands by her decision and believes it is correct, although she does not wish to distress their father.

Tara is a lovely kid, Atya says he will be happy when he sees you happy, don’t worry, everything will be fine. She hugs Vandana. Mrunal asks how you changed your position. Hemant says I don’t care for Vaibhav, I’m Vijay’s son, I can fight with him, but Vaibhav tried to harm him, and I won’t forgive him for that. Despite my concerns, Anagha thinks I have been saved since I didn’t come up. Mrunal says I’m sure he didn’t try to kill Dad; he just scared him, and he does all this for the house.

He asks if she will attack Dad for this. Are you mad? If Vandana marries Kunal, he will give us house papers, and we can sell them. Vandana will have a lavish life, she won’t ask for her share, it’s ours, forget Vaibhav because he tried to attack dad, I won’t support him. He says no way, ignore him. She says don’t tell me what to do, see what I do. She goes. He says she is mad.

She asks Vandana to release Vaibhav. Vandana says no, you can go to jail if you want, he tried to kill dad. Mrunal says you are jealous of us. Vandana asks her to think of Dad. Mrunal says to hell with you all, and I want my Vaibhav. Upon slapping her, Vandana scolds Mrunal. She says enough, I can’t tolerate you here anymore. She drags him out. Mrunal asks everyone to see what’s going on. Pammi is invited.

According to Mrunal, Vandana is planning to manipulate Kunal into marrying her and has successfully driven a wedge between me and Vaibhav. She seems determined to obtain this house for herself. Pammi questions if Vandana’s motive is the house, to which Mrunal confirms. Pammi expresses concern that Vandana may resort to black magic. However, Mrunal reveals that Vandana’s true motivation is greed for money and assures Pammi that she will not let her marry Kunal. Mrunal promises to stop the marriage from happening. Hoping for this wish to come true, Pammi turns towards Vandana, lighting diyas and conversing with Tara and Shivam. She spots Vijay looking dejected and sees him praying while singing an aarti. Meanwhile, Mrunal meets with Sonia, who reassures her that she will get Vaibhav out on bail.

Mrunal informed me of some breaking news that would shock you. Kunal sent a voice note to Vandana asking her to handle the clients in tomorrow’s meeting. He also inquires about Tara and Vandana’s well-being. Tara suggests that Vandana responds with a voice message instead. After replying to Kunal, Vandana tells him to take care of it. Tara playfully adds, “And tell him I miss him!” before declaring her love for their father and asking him to return soon. Vandana is surprised and asks why she sent that message. Tara explains that Vandana misses their dad and suggests deleting the message, but it’s too late, as Kunal has already heard it. They share a smile over the situation.


Kunal and Vandana have decided to marry. Sonia threatens Vandana. Vandana scolds her.

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