Teri Meri Doriyaan 21st January 2024 Written Episode: Seerat Exposes Angad and Sahiba’s Secret


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Looking at Angad, Sahiba tells Manveer and Gurleen that Veer and Keerat love each other and that nothing matters when love is true. Gurleen asks Veer and Keerat how much they love each other. Angad says more than we do and takes them down. Santosh asks why Gurleen seems dull. Gurleen says she is ill. According to Jasleen, Angad told them the wedding would be completed within 2 days so that the engagement ritual would be performed after 2 days.

Akaal asks Santosh if she is okay with it. Santosh replies as the elders say. Everyone congratulates each other and distributes sweets. Veer asks Angad what gift he wants from him and Sahiba. Veer takes them to the photography area to take pictures with him/Keerat and Angad/Sahiba first.

Angad hesitates to take pictures with Sahiba, who reminds him that he wanted them to portray the image of an ideal couple, yet now he seems uninterested in clicking photos with her. Veer urges Angad to join in, but Sahiba notices Garry standing alone and questions why he’s not participating in all the festivities. Garry explains that Angad is upset with him, and he doesn’t want to ruin his mood. Sahiba suggests that Garry join them on the bride’s side, to which Garry expresses his happiness that there are no conflicts between Sahiba and Angad because of her.

Keerat finally convinced Angad to join them after much persuasion. As they posed for their first picture, Sahiba stood on one side with Keerat while Veer joined Angad on the other. However, Keerat and Veer insisted that Sahiba and Angad stand together for the next photo. Angad hesitated to hold Sahiba, causing Seerat to observe and question why he had shown so much affection towards her yesterday but now seemed hesitant. She suspected they were pretending to have a perfect relationship. Still, she would not let them deceive anyone and planned to expose their false facade before anyone could question her presence in the Brar mansion.

When Garry notices Seerat Happy, he wonders what she is doing. He follows her and hears Sahiba and Angad speak. Sahiba asks Angad why he is hesitant even to touch her. It is Angad’s punishment even to touch her, he says. Sahiba asks Angad to behave appropriately or reveal the truth to the family. Garry realizes Angad is still angry at Sahiba and is acting in front of the family.

Angad says he will continue to play the drama and even confuse her about whether it’s a drama or an actual situation. He holds her hand, returns to the photography area, and asks the photographer to take only his and Sahiba’s photos. Veer says he meant that and asks the photographer to begin shooting. In the background, Serial’s title track plays as Angad romantically holds Sahiba tightly and poses as if lost in her beauty. They then return home.

Hansraj jokes that he has started Nagin dancing from today. Veer tells his family that Angad and Sahiba showed fantastic chemistry. The photographer said even heroes and heroines failed in front of them. Angad and Sahiba will design their wedding card, says Keerat and him. Keerat and Veer’s wedding has been fixed on an auspicious day, according to Seerat, and the ideal couple will handle the arrangements.

She says Angad and Sahiba are acting as an ideal couple, and they all think Angad and Sahiba reconciled their differences, but that’s a big lie. Angad asks Sahiba if she has revealed their truth to Seerat. Sahiba says no. Japjot asks Seerat what she means. Seerat shows Angad and Sahiba’s not-to-do list. Seerat visited Angad’s room in the morning and picked it up. Sahiba claims his list is revealing his truth.

When Keerat asks Seerat what she means, she says it’s a list of things that Angad and Sahiba shouldn’t do. Sahiba tries to snatch the list from her and asks who gave her the right to interfere with husband and wife’s matters. Inder agrees with Sahiba. Seeerat says it’s not personal and the whole family should know the truth about an ideal couple. Manveer tells her to proceed.


Angad asks Sahiba if she has revealed their truth to Garry. Garry says she didn’t. Angad shouts at Garry. Sahiba says Angad’s anger will poison him.

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