Kumkum Bhagya 20th February 2024 Written Episode: RV Abandons Poorvi

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The episode begins with RV informing Poorvi that he will be leaving her in that spot. Grateful for his departure, Poorvi expresses her appreciation. RV asserts that if she visited his home, she would see that he is not at fault. In the meantime, Poorvi’s dupatta gets trapped in the car door. Monisha remarks on RV’s delay and mentions that Poorvi’s residence is a mere 20 minutes away. Deepika advises her to wait for RV’s arrival as he simply fulfils her wishes and should not be expected to act like a machine. Monisha points out their mutual ability to listen to one another and decides to give RV five more minutes before calling him. As Poorvi tears up while gazing at RV, she recalls his words while he makes his way back to the car’s driver’s seat.

As Poorvi makes her way home, she is met with the prying eyes of her neighbours, who take note of her tears and RV’s decision to drop her off far from the house before driving away. As she listens to their speculations about RV abandoning her, she can’t help but think back to his vengeful intentions. Meanwhile, Khushi is reminded of RV’s hurtful words as she drives towards the scene. Suddenly, a group of people appear in front of her car, causing Khushi to hit the brakes. At the same time, a man also steps in front of RV’s car. On the phone with Prachi, Khushi inquires about Poorvi’s whereabouts and instructs her not to inform Poorvi about anything that has transpired. Confused by Khushi’s vague statement, Prachi asks for clarification just as Monisha calls RV and asks if he has left Poorvi. Confirming that he has, Monisha then invites Deepika to their upcoming celebrations.

Prachi calls Poorvi and discovers her phone ringing from outside. As she heads out, Poorvi approaches her with open arms for a hug. Vishaka then informs everyone that RV, Poorvi’s husband, will drop her off. Bijli chimes in to say that Poorvi is currently outside. Prachi invites Poorvi to come inside while the neighbours question why she has arrived alone and observe that she seems upset. Soon, everyone gathers outside, and Sarla Kaki mentions that RV had dropped Poorvi off and left immediately. Just then, Khushi pulls up in her car. Prachi explained that RV was occupied and had already informed her he couldn’t join them. However, Sarla Kaki reveals that he had stopped by and dropped Poorvi off on the roadside before leaving again. Another lady adds on to say that something must have happened between them.

Vishaka instructs them to take care of their houses. He says his wife isn’t lying. Khushi comes to the front and asks them to leave. Sarla says RV came and left; he understood Poorvi wasn’t right for him. The other lady says he made Poorvi his bride for one night and deserted her. In Khushi’s angry response, she throws water at them, saying she knows how to remove dirt. Vishaka gets angry, too. They enter their house.

Monisha has thrown a party, and she welcomes all the guests. She says she’s happy in her relationship with RV. Khushi thinks of RV’s words about spending one night with Poorvi, abandoning her, and calling her a one-night bride and deserted wife. Poorvi says this happened because of me. Vishaka says Prachi told her RV called her and told her he was busy. Prachi says she lied just to keep them quiet. Poorvi says RV doesn’t come because he’s swamped.

RV hasn’t told Khushi anything until now. She says I used to protect you from childhood, but today they told me all those things, and I couldn’t stop them. She says I told you all to move into the flat, but you didn’t listen. Prachi says this is my Nani’s house, and my mother grew up here, so I told her we wouldn’t move there. Ashok asks them to give Poorvi the food, and they will talk later. Vishaka says we made so many things for RV.


Khushi told Poorvi that she wanted to end her marriage. Monisha asks RV to call Khushi and show her how happy he is with her.

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