Teri Meri Doriyaan 15th May 2023 Update


Written episode of Teri Meri Doriyaan 15th May 2023 on WorldofEntertainment.in.

In response to Japjyoth’s question, Sahiba replies that she had promised Angad that she would leave Brar mansion if she failed to prove Garry’s crimes. Angad says she shouldn’t leave the house now that she has proved herself. Sahiba says why should she leave when he does not consider her fit for marriage. Angad says he doesn’t, but he married her to fulfill his Darji’s/Akaal’s order.

Angad says her parents will be humiliated if she returns, and the media will humiliate even his family. Sahiba says he is only concerned about the reputation of his family. Angad snatches her bag and instructs servant to keep it in Sahiba’s room. Sahiba remembers Ajith’s words at their wedding. Akaal says he feels good seeing Angad supporting his wife since Seerat has come here to hold her wedding. Angad says he will also accompany her.

She continues to confront him. Angad asks her to stop criticizing him. Sahiba says he was acting good in front of his grandparents but humiliates her behind them.

As a result of Garry’s betrayal, Sahiba says he considers her an enemy. Angad says enmity is better than friendship. Seerat is humiliated by her neighbors, who claim that her 2 marriages were canceled and her parents should commit suicide because of their humiliation after giving birth to such a daughter.

After humiliating them again, Seerat breaks down. Santosh asks what she wants, and Seerat explains she doesn’t want to live with a lie anymore, so she had to tell the truth today. Santosh wanted to hide Seerat’s marriage with him, but she found out about it. Ajith asks which truth. Angad says Seerat visited his house today to expose Garry’s.

Ajith asks Sahiba what Angad is saying. Sahiba says Seerat had eloped with Garry on the wedding day. Santosh shouts she warned Seerat not to take Garry’s name and tries to slap her. Angad says hiding the truth is a mistake which Santosh did by fixing Seerat’s alliance with him, but whatever happened during the wedding was not her fault.

Sahiba’s family believed Sahiba had been involved in this conspiracy, but now they realize they weren’t, and his brother eloped with Seerat. He apologizes to everyone and asks for forgiveness. It is because of his brother that they suffered, so he is apologizing to them and expecting forgiveness. He walks away, leaving Sahiba stunned.

Angad trashes Garry brutally and Garry decides to get revenge on him. Jasleen walks in and slaps him repeatedly for his stupidity and asks if he found only middle class Seerat to be unfaithful.

Garry expresses his interest in snatching Seerat away from Angad, like he has with all other things prior. Jasleen, however, insists that he must return to the Brar mansion. When asked what happens after everything that had happened, she responds that wonderful people such as Angad have a habit of pardoning every wrong doing and requests Garry to apologize before returning home. He brings up his fear of almost getting shot at previously and Jasleen reassures him by saying her aim isn’t as off as his usually is. She adds that if it weren’t for her dramatic display earlier , she’d’ve been evicted out of the house too- now she has to think of a way to get him back inside.

Then Sahiba tells Ajith about Angad’s challenge and then says after seeing Angad apologize, she felt Angad was not bad and could feel his pain. According to Ajith, anyone would react similarly, and Sahiba continues to praise Angad.

Reporters question Angad for losses and declining share prices. Sahiba challenges Angad to come up with new jewelry designs soon. Sahiba challenges Angad for old jewelry designs. Sahiba replies, “Is she mad?” Angad asks, “How can she produce new jewelry designs in 24 hours?”.

As a Brar DIL, Akaal tells Sahiba that she should stay at home and not interfere with Brar’s affairs.

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