Teri Meri Doriyaan 12th June 2023 Written Update


Teri Meri Doriyaan on WorldofEntertainment.in for 12th June 2023.

At the hospital, Surinder meets Angad. Angad says Surinder should not have come here and that he should go before Sahiba sees him. Surinder asks what about the deal. Sahiba enters and gets angry at Surinder. Surinder asks Angad if he should inform the shopkeepers that the deal has been cancelled.

Sahiba’s hands tremble as she accidentally drops the medicines upon hearing about Angad’s involvement in the attack on her shop. Angad notices her reaction and explains that he had intended to tell her about it. Surinder exits the room.

Feeling betrayed, Sahiba expresses that her trust has been shattered. Angad pleads with her, assuring her that he has no ill intentions and that he only wants to assist her family. Determined, he frees himself from the IV line and walks towards her. Sahiba laments that her shop was her identity and accuses him of taking it away from her. However, Angad continues to plead for her trust and understanding. Interrupting their conversation, the nurse intervenes and advises Angad to rest again. She acknowledges that his recovery is progressing rapidly due to his wife’s love and care.

Jaspal takes note of upcoming meetings with Angad’s assistant Pam and tells Veer that they will handle the business until Angad gets well. Jasleen walks to him and says he shouldn’t worry because Garry will handle all the business. Akaal interferes and says Garry backstabbed them, so he won’t let him handle the business.

It is Garry’s belief that he has changed and is ready to work. Akaal says that a backstabber forgets their sin, but a victim does not. Jasleen tries to convince him, but he remains adamant. Jasleen asks Seerat what Garry will do if he does not want to be involved in the business.

Sahiba cuts fruit for Angad, who continues to apologize to her. Inder and Manveer enter, showing their concern for him. He says he is fine now. They yell at Sahiba to leave as she is responsible for Angad’s condition.

In a fit of rage, the shopkeepers attacked Sahiba’s shop, and Angad sustained injuries while attempting to protect her. He takes responsibility for his condition and explains how his plan to acquire Sahiba’s shop through Surinder ended up backfiring.

In the Monga house, Santosh washes utensils and tells Taiji that she will set up Ajith’s food cart today as it is the only ray of hope remaining for them after their shop was burned down. Ajith confronts Angad for ruining Sahiba’s dream.

Ajith arrives home and shares the news with Angad that the shop has been burnt, placing the blame on him. Santosh defends Angad, stating that he has always been supportive and would never commit such an act. Ajith insists that he heard it directly from Angad. Sahiba, overwhelmed with emotions, continues to cry.

A nurse enters the room to provide Angad with a sponge bath, and Sahiba consents to assist. At Angad’s request, Sahiba agrees to call for a male nurse but ultimately agrees to carry out the task herself. The song “Woh Jo Tha Khwab Sa…” plays softly in the background.


According to Sahiba, Angad weighs the world with money. He tried to buy her shop, destroying her dream. Angad apologizes to her.

She forgives him for his past mistakes, but not for this one.


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