Kumkum Bhagya 13th June 2023 Written Update

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Written episode of Kumkum Bhagya 13th June 2023 on Worldofentertainment.in.

He tells Akshay he’ll check outside. He peeps outside and sees Shahana and the guy. Shahana asks him to leave. Aryan closes the door. They hear the goon’s voice and open the cupboard. A goon comes out of the cupboard. The guy asks Shahana to see the knife. The guy who has picked Ranbir’s turban asks if this is Sharma’s house. Dadi says it is Arora house. The guy gives the turban and leaves. Everyone runs to him to ask if he is okay.

Ashok requests Akshay to hand over the bangles to Vishaka Bua. Ranbir appears confused. Ashok urges him to deliver the bangles quickly, expressing concern that Bua might become upset. Ranbir hands the box of bangles to a lady. Impressed, the lady remarks on their beauty and praises Ranbir’s excellent choice. She then asks him to personally present it to her.

It seems that Ranbir thinks she is not Bua. He thinks the lady who held him when I fell must be his mother, and the other woman must be Bua. He gives the bangle box to Vishaka. Vishaka likes it and says he should give more gifts like it.

While Shahana and the young man overpower the goons, Aryan observes the fight and escorts Akshay away. Shahana notices Aryan’s departure and locks the goons in the bathroom before leaving. Aryan brings Akshay to a room and states, “Ranbir mentioned that you’re a good person, but what truly matters is his love for you.”

Shahana asks Abhay to use the bathroom in the other room. She sees Aryan and stops him. Akshay gains consciousness and calls Abhay. If you are here then who is on the mandap? Akshay says someone made him unconscious and told him he was Prachi’s brother.

Shahana inquires about the identity of the person. Aryan responds by stating that he is Akshay’s friend and teasingly asks if she intends to flirt with him. Shahana firmly declines and remarks that there was someone else similar to him in the past. Aryan departs, and Shahana finds herself missing him. Prachi asks Akshay to show his face to her, otherwise, she will see it herself. Ashok stops her. Vishaka says Prachi is mad at Akshay. She says we are magicians.

Abhay sends a message to Divya, asking her to come to the guest room. Meanwhile, Shahana disregards Aryan, causing the flower plate to slip from her hand. Aryan remarks, “If you had accepted my assistance, neither you nor the flowers would have fallen.” Ranbir ponders that Aryan came to aid him but is now chasing after Shahana.

Shahana looks lovely to him, so he thinks he should get married to her. He thinks that Chikchiki has changed after marriage, but I have not changed. He comments that the guy is foolish to think that Prachi would accept him. Divya arrives and questions why Abhay called her. Upon noticing Akshay there, she asks if he magically appeared.

In addition to Bhai being here, Abhay tells that someone else is also there. Akshay says the person is betraying everyone. We have to bring this imposter here. Divya says we will expose him and arrest him. Abhay says Akshay does not want any obstacle to stop the marriage. He says we should swap him with me, just like he did.

Divya asks how this swapping will happen. Akshay makes a plan, and he says Abhay will kidnap that imposter and I will replace him on the mandap in a few seconds. Divya asks how the swapping will happen. It’s time to take off the fuse at 10 :45 pm. Abhay asks you where the fuse room is. Divya says yes, I know. Akshay says let’s move the imposter from the mandap.


Prachi asks Akshay to show his face otherwise she will leave. He shows his face to Prachi. Abhay kidnaps Ranbir, and Akshay replaces him on the mandap.

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