Faltu 23rd March 2023 Written Episode Update

Faltu Episode Update

When Ayaan meets Faltu in disguise, Sid looks on and thinks that he helped Faltu in the game, but how does she know him? She thanks Ayaan for helping her. As an audience member, I don’t play cricket, so I told you what I felt right based on my experience. Did you get hurt, are you okay?

He says I need your help. She says she can’t play with your team. He says I didn’t say that, you’re innocent. He shows the page. She asks why is he showing it to me, I know it, tell me clearly. Having made your page to prove your innocence, Ayaan says fine, I’ll tell you everything.

She asks why would you do this. He replies I like you a lot, I like your game, you play well, and I think you are a nice person, I want your small interview so that this problem doesn’t happen again. She nods. When the interview date comes, then no one can stop you from playing. Sid asks who is this man, Ayaan didn’t come, he is wasting my time. Ayaan leaves. Faltu says she felt like she knew Sardarji. She leaves. Sid follows her. Ayaan gets Tanu’s video call. He removes the disguise and answers. He says he was driving. She asks where he is.

His response is, “I’m coming, did you doubt me that you made a video call?” She says “No, just come.” Kanika says Sid said Ayaan didn’t go to meet Faltu. Tanu says we’ll have coffee. She calls out Rocky. Kumkum says Rocky went outside, I’ll come. After getting off the auto rickshaw, Faltu changes in the ladies’ washroom. Sid waits there. Rocky shocks him when he sees him. He hides and says “What is he doing here?” He realizes that Rocky is Faltu.

Ayaan says she fooled us and stayed in our house, and we didn’t know, so he is chilled about her. He laughs. He says they are romancing and Tanu doesn’t even know it. It will be great fun, they are so clever, they made my job easy because they were so clever.

When Sumitra emerges from a room, Tanu and Kanika startle her. She asks them why they came. Kanika says they came to meet Sid. Sumitra says he slept, he did not even eat, he is tired. Tanu asks if he told anything after returning. Sumitra says I don’t know, tell me what it is. Sid asks did they go. Sumitra says yes, you know Faltu’s truth, why don’t you expose her. She is clever, she served us food and we didn’t know it.

Sid says she can’t do it alone, and she knows Ayaan is helping her. She asks him to tell Tanu and Kanika the truth. He says it will be fun to tell the whole family. She says she just loves drama. Tanu tells him that Ayaan is improving after counselling, but Faltu is romancing her secretly. She asks what should I do. He tells her the plan. She agrees and leaves.

Ayaan asks Rocky to answer. Faltu says I don’t know. Ayaan says this thread is Faltu’s. She never came here, how did it end up here? Sid sees Tanu alone. He says Ayaan has gone to Faltu’s room. She says I don’t know anything about her, what relationship do you have with her. Ayaan says I’m going to call Faltu, she’ll tell me what you’re hiding. She thinks my phone is on, so it’ll ring. She stops him and asks him to go to his room. She says I need to get up early for work.

Ayaan says give me my phone. She drops it. He picks it up and gets angry. She says sorry, you scolded me. He leaves. Sid makes their video. She checks her phone. Sid asks if she meets Ayaan as Rocky at night, this is enough to convince me. It’s morning, everyone is talking about IPL. Janardhan comes.

Tanu asks about Sid. Kanika says he didn’t come. She asks Sumitra if Sid woke up. She answers yes, but he can’t meet his eyes. Janardhan asks why, what happened. She says he is ashamed, he refused to come here. Ayaan asks what happened. It turns out that someone cheated us, and we didn’t even know about it.


Faltu confronts Ayaan about ruining her life and dreams. Ayaan says my innocence will speak for itself. She says we’ll meet when the proof is ready. Faltu says he will never meet her again.

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