Faltu 22nd March 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

In the episode, Kumkum says he is making a list of things to order for the kitchen. Faltu says he will tell me later, he has to go out. Kumkum asks if you are involved in something wrong. Faltu says no, he is leaving this job. Faltu tells Kumkum she is going to the temple. Kumkum asks Rocky to go. Tanu says Ayaan can get the file. Kanika says I am not worried, Ayaan would have made that page to help Faltu. Tanisha says no, I don’t believe so.

Kanika says Faltu told him about the transaction, he’s looking for proof. Tanisha says no, I hope Sid gets the proof. Ayaan comes to look for Rocky. In response, Kumkum says he went outside; why are you looking for him? Ayaan says my chain is missing, I thought it was in my clothes. She suggests you check his bag. He says okay, but I do not think it is right to inspect his bag. She leaves.

Sid comes to see the match. He pays the man. He says if Faltu is here, then Ayaan is here, he is cheating on Tanu and I will end his drama. Faltu Singh is going to play today’s match, says the man. Rajan says I am sending you to play in the opening, play well, you will get 10000 rupees if you win. Faltu goes. The other team guys say she plays well, so I want to see how she plays today, the academy people did something wrong with her.

Sid says Ayaan is a good coach, he has trained you well, but where is he? Ayaan arrives in disguise. Sid searches for Ayaan. Faltu catches the ball. Ayaan claps for her. Rajan claps for her. Ayaan encourages Faltu. Sid gets a phone call. Kanika asks did you find Faltu. Sid says I came to watch her match. Kanika asks if Ayaan is there.

Tanisha says Sid would be there. Sid says don’t worry, I will do anything for your happiness, you can trust me. Tanu asks if I should go there, confronting Ayaan would be easy. Kanika says no, Sid is there already.

As soon as the other team’s coach tells the player something, the captain calls in a new bowler. Rajan says it doesn’t matter if they get the NRI bowler; let’s see what happens. The ball hits Faltu’s head. She falls. Faltu gets up. The doctor rushes to see her. Ayaan shouts Faltu. She gets up. The bowler hits her leg with the ball.

In anger, Ayaan says it will be difficult for her to know the ball’s direction, he is intentionally doing this. She sits crying. She falls again. She sits crying. As the chawl guy says, he is cheating. The other team captain says fate doesn’t always work, so let’s forget about it. Rajan asks her to return, if there is an injury, it will be problematic.

Come on, Ayaan says. No, my game isn’t a one-time wonder, I’ll handle it. She gets up. Ayaan calls her out. She doesn’t listen. He takes a mirror and shines a light on her face. She turns. He signs her to watch his move and wishes her the best of luck. Ayaan shows the match video to the Chawl guys. The guy says we will make you meet Faltu after the match. Ayaan says sure, I’ll make her famous.

She thanks him and leaves. Sid wears a mask and follows her. The Chawl guys come. She says I have to go home. They say someone came to meet you. She asks who. Ayaan appears.


She says we will meet when you have proof. He says only the proof will meet you, not me, we will never meet again. She cries.

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