Kumkum Bhagya 12th May 2023 Written Update

Written update on WorldofEntertainment.in for Kumkum Bhagya 12th May 2023.

The episode starts with Khushi holding Ranbir’s hand as they get out of the car. Ranbir says you held my hand, and asks her to hold his hand always. She says never, and he comes. They buy ice-cream. Akshay and Prachi also accompany them. Khushi says that if you cry now and if I wipe your tears, then my ice-cream will melt. Akshay asks Prachi to have some ice-cream. Prachi says she does not want ice-cream. Ranbir says he just wants to see you always. Khushi says this will melt my ice-cream.

Akshay asks Prachi to come down the car, and asks if she wants something else to eat if not icecream. Prachi says she is coming as you are saying, but don’t forget how angry she is. Khushi is a pure soul, lovely child, and Rhea praises her. Pallavi hears her and says yes. Rhea says I never thought I would see her again. Pallavi says God has given us the chance to relive those moments.

She says Khushi has suffered so much, she will compensate for it and she will give her so much love. Rhea hugs her. Pallavi gets a call and goes. Besides us, Prachi has a right to Khushi, since she has given birth to her, and Khushi is her ansh. The miracle is not only for us, but for Prachi as well.

She says how to tell you all, that when I see Khushi, I miss Prachi and my heart says that she should know about Khushi because she deserves to know the truth. Her next move is to call Prachi and tell her the truth, and she recalls Ranbir giving her a swear and explains to Prachi why he gave her a swear. Prachi doesn’t pick the call. Rhea calls her again. Khushi sees Balloon and runs to get it. Akshay asks Prachi to pick the call. Prachi says she will talk to her later.

During their visit to the same icecream stall, Akshay asks the seller for icecream which calms down the mind. The seller says he has icecream that will sweeten her mouth. Khushi takes balloons, telling Ranbir that they will play the game. She runs, holding the balloon.

While Prachi can’t see her face, she senses her presence. Khushi runs. Ranbir runs, and sits in his car. Khushi also sits in the car. Shahana and Dadi come in the car. They don’t see Ranbir and Khushi as the car starts. Prachi sees them and comes to her. Akshay gets a call again and tells Prachi her father is ill.

Prachi asks him to go there and says Dadi and Shahana are with her. Akshay leaves. Prachi, Dadi and Shahana arrive at PS. She tells him that she knows Ranbir will help her, and if she calls him, she will tell him that if he knows she is his daughter, he will do everything to save Khushi.

Prachi recalls Ranbir fighting with goons to save Khushi, and recalls his emotional side when Khushi was shot. Dadi asks do you really trust Ranbir so much. Prachi says I trust him a lot, but won’t take his help until I’m unable.

She says I have the burden of hiding the truth from him, and that I have to hide from him, because I did not have the strength to tell him the truth. Prachi is told by the inspector that whoever has taken Khushi will not be saved. Khushi’s photo has been circulated and whoever has kidnapped her will be caught, he says. Police check Ranbir’s car. Khushi asks why they are checking the car. Ranbir says sometimes they check for bad uncles. Khushi asks if they know I ran away from the orphanage.

Constable asks Ranbir to keep the window down. Ranbir asks why they are checking the cars. Khushi says she will hide. She hides on the backseat.

The constable says a girl is missing. The constable asks Ranbir to open the decky. Ranbir opens the decky. The constable checks and asks him to go. He then asks Ranbir why he is taking balloons? When the constable asks him to go, he says it is for my daughter who is waiting for me at home. The constable asks why he would kidnap a girl since he is already a father. She apologizes to Prachi and says that she didn’t take your name here because you are good. She praises Meera and says she wanted to send Khushi to a good house.

Meera says everyone claims to be Khushi’s biological parent. Prachi asks who is claiming? Meera says information is confidential. Prachi says I will get Khushi, since I am her mother.

Prachi asks her to tell him as the information is necessary for him. Meera asks if you really want to hear this and says he is Ranbir Kohli, whose house we went to take Khushi. Prachi is shocked.

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