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Kumkum Bhagya 5th August 2023 Written Episode Update on WorldofEntertainment.in.

The episode begins with Akshay advising Ranbir to be more mindful. Ranbir inquires about the matter at hand. Akshay dismisses it. Ranbir persists, asking what Akshay wants to say. Akshay counters if he needs permission to voice his thoughts in his own home. Ranbir rephrases by stating that Akshay had something on his mind. Akshay clarifies that he wanted to playfully tease him and asks for feedback on the surprise. Ranbir questions if it was a surprise for him to have their mother over. Akshay reminds him that no one knows his family better than himself and recounts how their mother was surprised and even more so when told about Mihika and him while they were at the mall together.

He mentions that your mother seemed unhappy with your ex-wife too. Ranbir wonders if you have any feelings of jealousy or anger towards her. Akshay questions, “What are you implying?” and adds that he invited your mother over. Ranbir inquires the reason behind it. Curious, Akshay asks if seeing his mother made him happy. To which, Ranbir responds, “Of course, I am delighted.” Akshay suggests that they should go talk to her. Pallavi expresses her joy at being in Ranbir’s house and with his family. Vishaka compliments how well he has become a part of their family. Divya confesses to always asking Mihika if he has a brother. Pallavi admits feeling like she has another son, although she only has one. Vishaka reveals keeping an eye on Mihika and Ranbir to see if there’s any connection between them. Finally, Pallavi asks why she was doing so.

Akshay and Ranbir arrive, with Akshay making a comment about Mihika’s son. He mentions that Ranbir was not aware of Mihika’s friendship with him, despite being friends themselves. Mihika explains that she deliberately keeps her family life separate from her romantic relationships, to avoid attracting people who are interested in her wealth and status. Pallavi is surprised by this revelation. Ashok asks Mihika to clarify what she means. Manpreet suggests the couple should get engaged. Akshay breaks the awkward silence by questioning why no one is responding. Ranbir speaks up, stating that he cannot marry Mihika. She fears that he will be disliked for his decision, but she finds herself drawn to him even more now. Akshay demands an explanation from Ranbir, while also asking for Mihika’s input on the matter, but she remains silent.

Ranbir reassures Vishaka that her doubts were valid regarding any romantic involvement between Mihika and himself. He confirms that they are not in a relationship and explains why his mother was unaware of their supposed connection. Ranbir admits to still being in love with someone else, acknowledging Akshay’s and Vishaka’s suspicions and his initial intention to keep it from them. However, he values their feelings and does not want to betray anyone. Thus, he emphasizes that there truly is nothing going on between Mihika and him. Ashok places a hand over his heart as Ranbir remembers Mihika’s warning about his father’s weak health.

As they all sit together, he invites Ashok to take a seat and offers him water. Turning to Akshay, he wonders if perhaps Akshay had expected him to make such a statement. He senses their doubts and assures them that there is no need for uncertainty. In the midst of their conversation, Ashok discovers a pin in his pocket. Ranbir then shares with Akshay and Vishaka that he and Mihika are deeply in love and plan to marry each other soon. Mihika beams with happiness while Pallavi expresses her joy. However, Akshay appears melancholy. On the other hand, Vishaka’s smile grows wider as Ranbir tells them they are meant for each other. To confirm that there should be no further doubts, Ranbir asks if they are clear now. Overcome with emotion, Vishaka embraces Pallavi tightly as Ranbir checks on Ashok’s well-being. With everyone on board, Pallavi eagerly suggests an engagement tomorrow while Ashok suggests holding it at their alternate residence. Agreeing on this plan, she invites Ranbir to join them at home later on.

Ranbir declines, saying he needs to speak with Mihika. Abhay and Divya playfully tease her. Manpreet remarks that her arrival is auspicious and unexpected. Pallavi departs from the scene. Shahana and Prachi enter the house, with Prachi clarifying any misunderstandings. Shahana offers to help sort out what’s right and wrong. Prachi expresses concern about Shahana potentially spying on her due to Ranbir’s presence. Shahana asks the driver to open the decky, while Pallavi and Manpreet move along. Prachi questions how Ranbir could punish his own mother and refuses to talk to him, as he did in the past with her. Pallavi confides in Manpreet about Ranbir’s past where a girl took him away from her, but Mihika ultimately brought them closer together before she leaves their company.

As Manpreet catches sight of Shahana and Prachi, he excitedly announces that there is good news. Inquiring further, Shahana asks if she can stay with them for a few days. Without hesitation, Manpreet assures her that Prachi’s home is her home as well. As they make their way inside, Vishaka interrupts with another piece of good news. Excitedly, Prachi and Shahana ask for details. Akshay then requests Mihika to bring some sweets so they can share the good news with her. While Mihika attempts to feed Ranbir some sweets, he politely declines and expresses his gratitude. Akshay reveals that Ranbir’s engagement has just been finalized and insists that they celebrate by having some sweets together. Vishaka encourages Ranbir to take the plate from Mihika’s hand and offer some sweets to Prachi and Shahana. Following her lead, Ranbir hands out the sweets to them both, exchanging congratulations all around. Before leaving, Prachi sweetly returns the gesture by offering a piece of sweet to Ranbir as well.


Shahana asks Prachi to be honest about her emotions. Akshay asks who is not honest and if they are referring to Ranbir. Prachi says she is not jealous.

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