Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th May 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hain

Written Episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th May 2023 on

The episode opens with Surekha suggesting Kairav’s marriage. Akshara joins the conversation through a video call. Manish expresses his hesitation towards the idea of marriage. Dadi points out that although he may be upset with Kairav, he still wants him to settle down. She acknowledges that Kairav is afraid after losing his love, but he needs to move on. Akshara inquires about Muskaan and Manish considers her as a potential match, but is concerned about her past actions. Surekha compares Kairav’s situation to Akshara and Aarohi’s second chances in life and assures that Kairav will also receive one.

Kairav comes home. Akshara says we should talk to him about marriage. He says I won’t worry, that’s final Akshara. She asks, why don’t we try again, life has a second chance. Dadi inquired, “Why are you reluctant to get married? Is it because you don’t believe in love or marriage, or is it the weight of your work responsibilities?” Kairav walked away, leaving the conversation hanging. Abhir retreated into the tent, where he found solace in the family album. Abhimanyu came to visit him and engage in a heartfelt conversation.

Abhir is searching for someone in the picture, while Abhimanyu believes Akshara is only marrying Abhinav for Abhir’s sake. He then questions if Abhir is Ruhi’s grandfather and must have known her since she was an infant. To clarify, he shows a photo of Ruhi. Continuing the conversation, Abhir asks why Akshara is now marrying his aunt when his father, who works as a driver, got married first and then he was born. He brings up their professions as doctors and wonders if their marriage system is different. Abhimanyu responds that he is Ruhi’s grandfather, not her father. This leads to Abhir asking about Ruhi’s father, to which Abhimanyu reveals it is his younger brother, Neil.

Abhir asks where is he. Abhimanyu says he isn’t with us now, he has become a star. Abhir asks does Ruhi know this. Abhimanyu nods. It is obvious that Ruhi knows everything, so why don’t I? He wipes his tears and says don’t cry. It’s sorry for the project, Abhimanyu says, if you have anything in your heart you want to tell me or your parents, don’t stay sad. Abhir says I’m sleepy. Abhir goes. Abhimanyu worries.

In the morning, Abhimanyu suggests that Abhinav try the veg upma for breakfast, as it is both tasty and healthy. Akshara then mentions that her jam is also tasty, to which Abhimanyu responds that it may not be as healthy. Despite this, Abhinav agrees to give it a try. As they continue discussing food, Akshara encourages them to have some upma. However, Abhimanyu and Akshara begin to argue. In an effort to calm them down and get the kids ready for school, Abhinav takes charge and tells them to stop arguing. He then helps Abhir put on his uniform while mentioning how different they look from each other. With everyone ready, Abhinav leads them out of the house but Abhir can’t help but think about their physical differences compared to his dad’s nose being smaller than his own and their different eyes and hair.

It may be that I am overthinking, but Abhinav gets Abhir. Abhimanyu asks how are you feeling. Akshara says your doctor made upma. Abhimanyu says it’s your wish. Abhir eats the upma. Abhimanyu asks how it is. Akshara asks if Abhir is upset with me. He signs no. She asks if you are fine. He nods. He wonders where his father is and why he isn’t with him.

Ruhi calls Abhir after school. She says you forgot me. He says sorry, I went to school, I have to tell you something important, don’t tell anyone, if mum and dad know, they will worry, promise. Ruhi says promise. Abhir says his father isn’t real. It’s not my poppy, it’s my real dad, he’s a star, I have my poppy, mum, Dida, and everyone, you also have both mum and dad, so why are you sad.

Abhir states that he lacks knowledge of the person’s name and worries about how to locate them. The other person suggests that the hospital may have information about his biological father but points out that it is quite far. Ruhi proposes calling the hospital to inquire. Thereafter, Abhir agrees to make the call and seek answers from the hospital staff regarding his father’s identity. Just then, Akshara enters, looking for her phone. Apologizing for being on the phone with Ruhi, Abhir turns to her and wonders if he is well-informed about his own family. He praises Akshara for her wisdom and guidance in teaching him various things but asks if there is anything else she wants to disclose. Calmly, Akshara clarifies that he will gradually learn all there is to know, as he already possesses much knowledge and will continue uncovering more with time. She reassures him that his mom and dad will eventually reveal everything to him and urges him to follow her as they head off together while sharing a hug.

Abhir approaches Abhimanyu and requests to use his phone. After receiving the phone from Abhimanyu, he converses with Rohan. Akshara then arrives and asks whose phone he is using. Abhimanyu indicates that it is his. She notices him talking to someone and expresses concern about privacy. Abhir explains that he needs some alone time and Akshara reminds him that it’s not possible in their current situation. Trying to diffuse the tension, Abhimanyu gestures for her to calm down. However, she continues to criticize his behavior as irresponsible, citing his experience as a parent to Ruhi. Apologizing on behalf of Abhir, she mentions that he has been moody lately before he accidentally dials the wrong number. Feeling frustrated, Abhir decides it would be best to go to the hospital instead


Abhimanyu asks Abhir what the problem is. Abhir says promise me you won’t tell anyone, that my papa isn’t my real dad. He asks Akshara to help him find his real father.

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