Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th January 2024 Written Episode Update: Abhira’s Determination and Ruhi’s Jackpot

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Throughout the episode, Ruhi says fate must support me as she spins the wheel. Armaan says come on, Abhira, you know it. Abhira thinks. The lady says it’s time to go. Abhira says no, mam. The lady says the exam will happen in B-wing. Be there; I’m a professor, I test students, you are passionate, you’ll make it in law, and you’ll get your second chance.

Her trick worked. Abhira thanked her. She says thank you, Armaan, your trick worked. He says calm down, and you have your exam. She dances and falls over him. They are in an eye lock. Surekha thanks him and pays money. Ruhi spins the wheel again. Armaan says to take the exam and have a good day. Abhira thanks him and leaves. Surekha says, “Ruhi, we are running late. Come now, whatever happens is the final result.” She recalls Armaan. He says she won this time.

In this instance, Ruhi wins the jackpot and smiles. She says I’m not going to lose until I win. Abhira says best day ever, Armaan, you know… She calls him out. She says he won’t be here all day. Surekha and Ruhi come home. Manish asks about their shopping. Armaan apologizes to Surekha. She asks whether Abhira will behave well with Ruhi. He says I won’t hurt anyone’s feelings. Suwarna grabs the phone and scolds him.

She says Ruhi will stay here; it was my decision, Manish says. Abhira goes to the Poddar office and asks for Armaan. The girl says he is in a meeting, so please wait. Abhira thinks to thank him. She sees Armaan and goes to surprise him. Armaan says, “Ruhi, please come back. The house is under a lot of stress.” Abhira becomes sad and leaves. He turns to see.

Abhira arrives home. Kajal says you have 104 fever, you don’t take care. Vidya cries, saying children have egos, they fight each other, and I’m powerless. Kajal says everything will be fine. Vidya says someone has to understand my two bahus. Abhira hears her. She goes to the Goenka house. She asks about Ruhi. Suwarna tells her to leave.

Ruhi is in her room, Manish says. He says, let them sort things out. Abhira goes to Ruhi and says, I can’t be quiet, please come home. Ruhi says, “You can’t say sorry if you don’t feel sorry.” Abhira says, “I’m saying it from the heart.” Ruhi says Armaan has sent you here. They argue. Abhira says no. Vidya has a fever, Armaan feels guilty, they are suffering because of our fight.

According to Abhira, Armaan stayed up all night assisting me with my assignment. You mentioned that Armaan is always very supportive and helpful towards me, which was confirmed once again. Ruhi inquires if Armaan was awake the entire night, to which Abhira confirms and adds that despite her being angry, he still dedicated his time to helping her. She considers him her faithful friend and does not want him to age prematurely due to the stress caused by Ruhi’s absence. Feeling apologetic, she begs Ruhi to return home and promises never to act this way towards anyone except their mother. As a symbol of her sincerity, she performs sit-ups while holding her ears and continues to apologize. However, Ruhi interrupts and tells Abhira to stop. This prompts Abhira to leave the room.

Abhira returns home and shares that she apologized to Armaan. As she gazes upon Akshara’s picture, she embraces it tightly. She presents a dream catcher to Armaan, who has just finished a work call. Admiring its beauty, she reveals that Kiara created it and praises her artistic abilities. However, Abhira modestly responds that she possesses many talents and adds that the gift is for him as a token of gratitude for his earlier assistance. Surprised, Armaan questions why she is apologizing again, and Abhira explains that despite doing sit-ups as a form of penance, Ruhi still rejects her apology.

They both fix the dream catcher. They have a moment. He gets Ruhi’s call. He rushes and answers. She says I had to ask something. If I say, I want to come home, then… He asks what, I will come anytime to take you. She says I didn’t decide. I’ll get your favorite kachoris, pakodas, and Rasmalai, so come over.

Ruhi says wait, your answer will decide it. He asks what the question is. She says I will ask you, but not now. Don’t tell her at home; she will end the call.

Abhira gives the car keys and asks him to get Ruhi. He asks if you hear our talk. That’s my private matter. He leaves. Armaan thinks of Ruhi’s words in the morning. Abhira gets his shoe. She jokes and praises herself. He says I’ve got an imp meeting, so I’ll go. She says everyone has it, and you’ve worn the wrong shoes. He asks why. He takes the shoe. He leaves.

He calls the office and cancels his meetings. She says something is troubling him. He says he wants to find out what Ruhi wants to know. Abhira asks what, someone else is assisting boss, I told you about college issues, give me another chance. The manager says go home if you’re done. She says, no, I’m getting this internship. I’m not going home.

As Charu sees Abhira approaching, she hides and worries. Abhira knocks on the door and gets inside. She doesn’t see anyone and leaves. Charu tells Abhira to leave. When Abhira gets home, she sees the file on the bed and calls Armaan. She thinks she should take the file to Armaan. He meets Ruhi at the café and apologizes for hurting her so much.

Abhira comes to his office. Armaan says I ordered chocolate pastry for you, I know you like it, have it. Ruhi says I hope things stay the same, it’s a rule, everything changes in life. If you break this rule for me and turn away from your priorities for my sake, Armaan gets thinking. Armaan thinks about it. She asks him if he can promise her anything when we have no right to be together.

Abhira inquires about Armaan’s absence from the office. The girl confirms his absence and mentions that he did not inform Abhira. Abhira remembers that Armaan did not come to the office and wonders if he lied. Meanwhile, Armaan recalls Dadi’s words. Abhira enters his cabin and checks his laptop for any cafeteria orders. Upon seeing Ruhi with him, Armaan asks her to eat a pastry. Ruhi hesitates, saying she has broken promises with her already. Armaan assures her that he will never break his promise. She smiles and eats the pastry while he asks if she will accompany him home. She agrees, and as they are on their way, she expresses her intention of informing Manish about going home with Armaan.

A man passes by and asks if I can help. Armaan checks the car. He says he will call his mechanic. There is no network, and she says I don’t have one either. A man passes by and asks if I can help. Armaan says no, tell me where a mechanic is. The man says yes, the garage is far. Armaan says we will come. The man says sit on my bike. Armaan says three people on one cycle; go and call the mechanic. The man says to stay at my house.

Ruhi says there is no chance. How can we stay there? The man says to think about it; the area is wrong; anything can happen. Armaan says to call the mechanic. Ruhi says he was strange, I felt scared, and his house was even stranger. Armaan says we’ll go there, so don’t worry. I’m with you. She says she knows you’re with me now.

As he searches for someone thirsty, they check a nearby tap. Suddenly, water splashes over them, causing a brief moment of surprise. Abhira can’t help but wonder why Armaan would lie about something. She continues on her way, but not without stopping to argue with the auto-rickshaw driver, who insists he’s taking the correct route. Spotting Armaan’s car, she halts the auto and heads towards it. Relieving, she questions his whereabouts and reassures herself that nothing has happened to him. Unfortunately, she can’t get any network on her phone for confirmation. Peering into the car, she notices Ruhi’s bangle and glances towards a nearby house in curiosity. Her eyes widened as she spotted Armaan at the window and realized he must be inside now.

When Armaan steps on some paper, Ruhi sees the heart drawing torn and says, “You broke the heart.” Armaan apologizes, “I know how to join it. Help me.” They fix the drawing. Abhira recalls Rohit’s words. She thinks that girl is Armaan’s chit-wali. The driver asks Abhira if she should come.

If that misunderstanding hadn’t happened, Ruhi says, then we’d be together and happy now. Abhira walks to the house to see. Armaan says we’re not together, and this is fate. Ruhi replies that I’m the same way, we’re here because of fate, this is our truth. Armaan says Armaan…. Ruhi says Armaan…. and hugs him. Abhira is shocked.


Dadi asks Abhira to tell Vidya where Armaan is. Armaan gets a call. He runs to the hospital and sees Rohit.

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