Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain written update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hain

Written update of YRKKH of 23rd Feb, 2023

Today we see Abhinav searching for Abhir and desperately calling out to him. Closeby Abhir is praying to Lord Shiva to help him find his father.  Abhir tells himself he should not be scared and be a brave boy like his mother says he is.  While he is praying for his father Abhimanyu stops his car and gets off.

Akshara is selecting a broach in a shop for her grandma.  The shopkeeper recognizes her and says she has come after a long time.  He mentions to his colleague that Akshara and her husband would regularly visit the shop.

Manjiri and Abhir meet for the first time

Manjiri sees Abhir praying in the temple.  She is attracted towards him.  Abhir tells her that his mom as instructed not to talk to strangers.

Abhimanyu picks up Akshara’s gift.

Abhimanyu comes in the same shop where Akshara is shopping.  Akshara is on the phone talking.  Abhimanyu goes to the counter and the shopkeeper gives him the parcel that Akshara had asked for.  When Akshara comes to pick her parcel the shopkeeper tells her that her husband has taken it.

Abhir warns Manjiri that he knows Karate and he is in the temple so God will protect him.  Manjiri tells Abhir that her son was just like him when he was small.  

Abhinav prays and says he cannot live without his son.

Manjiri takes an unconscious Abhir home

Abhir tells Manjiri that he is not from Udaipur and he is lost.  He refuses to take the prasad that she gives him saying that her mom has asked not to eat from strangers. While talking he gets unconscious. Manjiri panics and looks around for help.  She carries him to take him home so that she can get a doctor and get details from Abhir when he awakes.

Abhinav spots Abhir just as Manjiri puts him in the car.  Abhinav runs after them. He does not realize that Akshara is calling him.

Akshara comes out searching for Abhinav while calling him on the phone and wondering how he came to the shop when he was at the temple.  Just then she sees Abhimanyu driving away with the gift.

The shopkeeper comes to Akshara to asks if her husband has taken the gift.  She tells him that Abhimanyu and she are not married anymore.

Abhinav goes to Birla house

Manjiri is confused as to call the police or the doctor first.  She tries calling Abhimanyu but his phone is not reachable.  Just then Abhinav comes to the door and runs to hold Abhir.  Abhinav cries seeing Abhir unconscious.  Abhir thanks for taking care of Abhir when he was alone otherwise people just ignore kids when they are alone and need help.  Manjiri tells Abhinav that she remembered her sons childhood and he was the same when he was small.  Abhinav is just about to tell Manjiri about his inlaws when Abhir wakes up and the conversation does not continue. 

Abhir sees Manjiri and asks Abhinav why she did not put him in a sack and kidnap him? Abhir looks at the house and asks why everyone lives in palaces here in Udaipur and why nobody has an ordinary house.  Abhir hugs Manjiri and calls her Gammy.  

Abhir hugs Manjiri

Manjiri gives Abhir a box of chocolates.  Abhir takes it after getting a nod from Abhinav.  Abhir touches Manjiri’s feet.  Manjiri remembers Abhimanyu touching her feet the same way.

Abhinav and Abhir miss seeing Abhimanyu’s photograph on their way out.

Abhinav promises Abhir that he will never make the mistake of leaving his hand again.  Both sit in an auto and leave just as Abhimanyu rides into the gate.  Abhimanyu keeps looking at the auto. 

Manjiri sees Abhimanyu in Abhir

Manjiri runs towards Abhimanyu feeling very excited and tells him that Abhir is just like him. 


Akshara tells Abhir that his Doc Man will also be coming for the party.  Abhir wants to know how he is related to Doc Man.

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