Meet 23rd February 2023 Written Episode


Jasodha throws Meet out of Sarkar’s Palace. Everyone walks out with her. A man walks toward them. Manmeet joins hands with him and touches his feet to receive blessings. Manmeet asks, what are you doing here? In response to Mahendra’s question, Manmeet tells him he is a teacher who taught me everything about life wrestling and he is like God to me. He sits between Guruji’s legs and says, “Now you decide.” Your student married me, took my land, and now he is evicting me from his home. Please assist me in getting my case heard.

Asodha asks what you’re saying. Manmeet responds, “This means you brought Guruji here.” Guruji asks Meet to stand and then he asks Manmeet if she is telling the truth. You were my student, but I didn’t know you would become a cheater, so you are no longer my student.

When Manmeet begs Guruji, he says if you respect me, take her back home and give her all her status as a wife and respect her. I believe that Manmeet is in trouble because of her ego; she believes that men and women are equal. She misleads every woman and disrespects my parents. Yes, Meet says to Guruji, women and men are the same. Guruji says this is not true. Your life is balanced only when a wife follows her husband’s path. Meet is not convinced.

Upon entering, Manmeet says let me thank you Guruji and asks everyone to take him inside. Everyone walks in. Manmeet says I thought he would take my side, but I understand everyone has the same thoughts. Manmeet says now shut up and leave. Sarkar says I’ve heard a lot about you from Manmeet. Guruji says Manmeet is a very capable boy. Manmeet shouts don’t cross Dahaleej.

As soon as Meet stops, he says, “I’ll talk from here.” Meet asks Manmeet to tell me what work women can do, and what work women cannot. In front of her, Manmeet throws a heavy sack. Manmeet asks her to pick it up. Imarti arrives with heavy utensils. Meet says women have been bringing water for generations, can’t you see their strength.

After taking off his shirt, Manmeet shows his body and says, “Do it.” Meet says this is just a show off and asks why men always remove their clothes whenever there is a comparison between men and women and walks out. She walks in as a pregnant woman and asks Manmeet whether she should give birth. No man can stand this pain, and the day you become pregnant, all women will take off their kurtas.

Meet tells Guruji I am not comparing myself to Manmeet; I can even defeat him on the arena. Everyone starts laughing. Sarkar says she is mad. Meet says give me a chance, I’ll win. Manmeet says she is telling me to defeat me because she has defeated the strongest wrestlers.

He replies yes. Guruji says okay, you have seven days to prepare, and if you are able to defeat him, no one will throw you out of the house, and if you lose, you will never talk about equality and will leave Sarkarpur. Meet agrees. It would be an insult to my knowledge and your teaching to disagree, so I won’t agree. Guruji says to Meet that your student isn’t ready to fight, so this should be my victory. Manmeet says I can beat you with one hand. Meet challenges him, saying I will defeat you with one hand and you are responsible for your condition. Meet says we will see in seven days.

A room is occupied by Narendra and Sapna. Narendra says to Sapna everyone will be busy with the match in this palace until then we will gather money and go to the city. Imarti hiding beneath the bed says now Imarti knows everything.

After getting scared, Narendra and Sapna search under the bed. Imarti comes out and says, “This is great news, I will tell everyone.”. After stopping her, Narendra said, “I’ll pay you for not going.” Imarti replied, “I know I’m the second wife, but that doesn’t mean you can bribe me.” Sapna asked her what she wanted. As she walks away, Imarti says, “I just want you to say what I ask you to.”.

Jasodha says don’t worry my son will defeat her in one blow and then she will leave us. Sarkar says now everyone in Sarkarpur will make fun of us when Manmeet and Meet wrestle. Sarkar says you’re right, you have to keep an eye on Meet. Manmeet says she is clever, so she won’t easily be defeated. Shagun applies ointment on Manmeet’s hand. Meet sees them together. Shagun in tears says you won’t be able to bear pain. Manmeet says I’ll defeat her and throw her out of the house in a few days.

Chanda standing outside the door calls Meet and says we heard you and Manmeet will fight in a week. Meet nods her head yes. Shagun and I will win. Chanda is confused.

I said yes to get some time so that I can turn the tables on Manmeet and Shagun will do it for me. Chanda asks how you will do it. Meet smiles at Manmeet and Shagun.

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