Meet 18th January Written Episode Update

At least she will bring money for both of you. Man shouts at Meet and tries to slap her. Manmeet holds her hand. Suddenly Jasodha’s daughter-in-law shows up with a thali and dupatta. Jasodha says I’ll decorate this house like a wife. Mahendra walks up to Jasodha and says you brought this girl for me and now you want me to marry someone. Jasodha tightens his jaw.

He twists his hand, saying you’ll be unable to hit your women with this hand. He runs. Manmeet shouts take painkillers. He asks to Meet why he slapped him. Mahendra was told by Jasodha that you do not have a single child from this woman, but that you have fallen in love with her since she has given birth to 11 boys for you.

Meeting says to Manmeet now that you have apologized to me, I always pray to god that your factory will be successful. He asks her to go to Kanhaji temple. Manmeet says I’ll wait for you. Chanda says she knows what you’re going through, he just looks like your husband, but thinks he wants to build your factory. Sarkar asks Jasodha what is wrong. Jasodha tells him that his son is mad in love. Sarkar tells him a joke and leaves.

When Chanda Meet and Manmeet walk towards the temple, Sarkar stops his car in front of them. Manmeet approaches him. A man says that if you denied Sarkar’s work and stood with his enemy, you will not be protected from Sarkar’s anger.

As Manmeet looks at Sarkar, he says, I do what I love, and this girl is not doing anything wrong. She is doing something for the greater good of society, and I am standing with her. Mahendra asks the driver to leave. Manmeet walks up to Meet and tries to get a high five. Meet does not react.

The wind keeps blowing Meet’s hankie off. Chanda asks how we will visit the temple without her dupatta. Meet says god will help us.

In order for her new daughter-in-law to enter her home with good blessings, Jasodha asks Panditji to bless her thali. Her daughter-in-law asks about her new daughter-in-law. The pooja begins. The wind blows and the dupatta flies away. Manmeet holds it in her hands and remembers Meet Ahlawat. Jasodha says things have finally reached their destination.

Sarkar is with Jasodha in her room. She says you ought to throw Morkhi out of the house or she will give her information. When I catch her, Sarkar says she will remember her punishment forever, so stop thinking about it and make arrangements for marriage. Babita finds a red dupatta in Meet’s bag and says it’s for marriage. Why is this in his bag?

A lookalike of Meet Ahlawat stands in front of me and I feel different from the inside, I get weak whenever I see him. It’s already difficult to work without Meet Ahlawat, so I tell him, “Why did you choose me?” When in the temple, the pandit said, she told them how the pandit blessed them to remain.

Raj hugs her and says don’t worry, you’re my smart kid. Babita looks at them and says this dupatta is a sign from God.


Seeing Meet walking alone on the street, she tries to kill her and remembers Meet Ahlawat. Meet says you are back Meet Ahlawat thanks for holding me back, and hugs him tightly.

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