Anupama Written episode 24th Feb, 2023

Anupama written update

Written update of episode dated 24 Feb, 2023

Vanraj and Anupama are outside their house talking. Vanraj says they were so happy when they were together. Anupama reminds him that they are different identities now. She says she wanted to go for the picnic but due to circumstances she was not able to go. And it will be the last time that her daughter has to go without her. She gets up to leave but Vanraj requests her to sit a little longer.

At the picnic Maaya is smiling as she remembers the time spent with Anuj during the day. She requests one of the organizers staff to look after Little Anu and goes for a walk. She asks Anuj to join her but he does not agree and she starts walking alone.

Vanraj wants Anupama back in his life

Vanraj again repeats that everyone was happy that day. Anupama asks him not to repeat the same thing and say something new if he wants to talk. Vanraj says that he is happy because after many months he has seen his kids happy. He was not a good husband but now he is trying to be a good father. Anupama says she remembers all the bad time she had with him. She says she has moved on and is happy with her life and asks Vanraj also to move on. Vanraj says he thought he had moved on but realizes now that he is still at the same spot. Even after marrying Kavya he is not happy and neither is Kavya. He does not feel as close to Kavya as he feels with Anupama. Vanraj has tried a lot to hate Anupama but he cannot. He feels at peace in Anupama’s presence.

Maaya’s past comes haunting back

Anuj decides to finally go with Maaya. Kya Mausam hai song is playing in the background and Maaya is smiling and happy. Maaya holds Anuj while walking… and then realizes it was just a dream and they are both walking at a distance from each other. She tries small talk with him and discuss about each others likes and hobbies. On the way they see someone who is trying to repair a car. Anuj says he seems to be in trouble and goes to help.

Vanraj asks Anupama not to misunderstand him. Everyone looks back at their past and some are happy and some regret what they have done. He says when Anupama was there there was peace in the house but Kavya could not bring that peace. He wishes he could get the old days back. Anupama gets angry.

Anuj asks the stranger if he needs help. The man turns and Maaya looks at him and gets scared. She remembers screaming and asking Sambhav to help. The stranger and Maaya both stare at each other.

Anupama asks Vanraj not to talk about the past. She does not want to remember the pain he has given her in the past. Just because she talked nicely to him does not mean she has forgotten anything. He says he must have done some good deeds also and she should remember them. She reminds him that she comes here only for her father in law and the kids. She cannot understand what was the reason Kavya married him. She reminds him that nobody in the world is perfect and if we love someone we neglect their flaws. But he has the habit of only finding flaws in his spouse. He has done it with her and now doing the same with Kavya. She is grateful for getting a husband like Anuj who loves her very much and he too should be happy with Kavya. She says she will always come to help him when he needs it as it is her moral duty but he should not expect anything more.

Maaya is not able to react when she sees the stranger and requests Anuj to leave from there. The stranger comes towards Maaya and Anuj stops him.


Anuj, Maaya and Little Anu are driving back home after the picnic. Before entering the house Maaya requests Anuj not to tell Anupama anything of what happened the previous night as she will not understand anything. Anupama reaches the car just then and asks them what is it that she will not understand.

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