Anupama 3rd December 2023 Written Episode Update: Babu Ji’s Health Concerns and Family Dynamics

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Baa calls Babu ji and informs him that Vanraj is gone for work. Babu ji takes the medicine and then calls Vanraj again. Babu Ji takes the medicine and then calls Vanraj again. Baa says he has left. Babu ji asks why you are worried and then asks her to call Vanraj again. Baa is shocked, sits beside him, and tells him they are going to the doctor. What happened to you, he asks?

Baa remains silent and then expresses her desire to take him to the doctor. Babu Ji contacts Vanraj and asks him to relay the message that he is doing well. Baa reminds them that she had already conveyed this four times before. Babu ji attributes his forgetfulness to his age and jokes that it will be time for him to leave once he forgets Baa. Baa reiterates that she does not appreciate such remarks. Babu ji adorns her with a flower and compliments her appearance. Babu ji once again calls for Vanraj’s attention as Baa prepares to leave. Baa realizes she needs to discuss something with Anupama but recalls that she had already taken Dimpy to the doctor.

In the doctor’s office, Dimpy and Anupama engage in conversation. The doctor reassures them that Dimpy’s reports are routine but notes that she is frail and underweight. However, she advises against worry, as she plans to prescribe medication. Emphasizing the importance of food, she advises Anupama to ensure Dimpy’s nutrition and advises Dimpy to avoid stress, cautioning that even slight negligence can lead to significant issues. The doctor encourages Dimpy not to feel guilty about eating well, reassuring them that while there’s no significant concern currently, it’s essential to remain cautious. Anupama expresses her commitment to taking care of Dimpy.

Pakhi schedules an appointment with the doctor while Adhik stands behind her. She questions him about his intentions to lecture her on why she said those things to Choti. With a stern voice, she urges him to speak up and refrain from giving any judgmental looks. Adhik says that God does not want them to have a baby. Pakhi immediately exclaims as if he has lost his mind. He elaborates by emphasizing how motherhood requires immense responsibility and the body and mind need to be strong, unlike Pakhi, who he claims has a sick mind. In conclusion, he firmly asserts that, based on how she speaks to Choti, she does not deserve to be a mother and that any child she raises will end up spoiled.

Pakhi inquires whether you are fit to be a father. Adhik admits he may not be, as he has not sought medical assistance. He has agreed with his fate and implores Pakhi to do the same. She questions how he can speak to his wife in such a manner. Adhik counters by asking how she can talk that way to her younger sister. He acknowledges his past mistakes of deceit in business and violence towards Pakhi, believing himself to be the cheapest person alive. However, seeing how Pakhi treated her little sister makes him sorrowful for her.

He says we, disgusted husband and wife, don’t deserve children. Pakhi asks him not to say this and says I will be the world’s best mother for my child. She says if I don’t become a mother, then I’ll die. Adhik tells her to relax and says she shouldn’t have said that. He tells her we’ll go to the doctor. As Pakhi hugs him, she says she needs our baby.

Dimpy asks Anupama why her weight hasn’t increased, and Dimpy asks her to eat whatever she wants, such as pizza, burger, etc. Anupama says my daughter’s weight is not growing, and I won’t take stress.

Dimpy notices Vanraj outside and greets him with “Papa.” Concerned, Vanraj inquires about her well-being and reviews the reports. Anupama explains that Dimpy feels weak and has been given various supplements and a tonic. Grateful for Anupama’s presence, Vanraj says he wouldn’t have come if he knew she was with her. He then kindly suggests that Dimpy let them know if she needs anything. Anupama also offers to send for Kavya’s company if Dimpy desires.

Then Vanraj says thanks, but no thanks. He says I have hired a maid to cook food at home. Anupama tells him Baa and Babu Ji can’t eat food made by the maid. Vanraj says I am adjusting, and so should they. We can’t run to you every time because maids make food everywhere, so you must endure the problems and hear your Saas taunt us. He promises to take care of Baa and Babu Ji.

Vanraj says they are also my Baa and Babu ji. Anuj and you take good care of them, Anupama says. Anupama is shocked. Vanraj asks Dimpy to come, and they leave in the car. He says you have already said you will not come to Shah’s house often. Now, he wants you to maintain distance since relations stay good when you keep distance. On the road, Anupama stands stunned.

Baa helps Babu ji overcome negative thoughts, encouraging him to think positively and believe their prayers will be answered. With excitement, they begin discussing the future of their grandchildren. Babu ji predicts Kavya’s baby will be chubby, while Baa says Samar’s baby will be fair. They excitedly plan to tell the babies stories and give them massages with oil. They also anticipate lively debates over naming the babies, with Babu Ji noting how much fun it will be. Baa suggests that the babies will have a special place in her heart, to which Babu ji adds that they will also love him dearly. Ultimately, they imagine a cheerful household filled with laughter and joy once the babies arrive.

When Pakhi and Adhik meet the doctor, the doctor tells them something. Pakhi tears up and takes her file. Adhik holds her hand. Kavya returns from the clinic and tells her parents that the baby is fine. She sees Vanraj and Dimpy arrive. Dimpy gets out of the car and is about to enter. Kavya tells Vanraj she feels terrible that he didn’t come with her, not because he is bringing Dimpy. Dimpy hears them. Vanraj says he got free, so he brought Dimpy.

Anupama is deeply troubled by Vanraj’s words and considers approaching him to discuss it. However, she quickly dismisses the idea, thinking it would be futile. She reminds herself that Baa and Babu Ji are her parents. Just then, Pakhi arrives and embraces Anupama. She updates them about their visit to the doctor, who informed her about the possibility of having a baby through IVF. While there is no guarantee, there are still chances. Anupama’s face lights up with joy, and she takes them to the in-house temple to light a diya, which expresses gratitude towards Kanha Ji. She commends their decision to seek a second opinion and declares that soon, they will be blessed with a beautiful baby.

They argue. Anupama says time out and asks them to make her eat sweets. Adhik asks what she wants to have. Anupama says ice cream.

She says I was overwhelmed when I saw you, and that is why I hugged you. She says if there was anyone else, too, then I would have hugged them as well. She says I was lost in the moment, and even now. To confirm whether my happiness matters to you, I asked if you care about Choti, Dimpy, and Romil.

Anupama inquires of Adhik why his heart did not provide the answer he sought before approaching her. She reassures him that she is his mother, not an adversary and that a mother’s joy knows no bounds upon hearing the news of becoming a grandmother. Pakhi then asks whether Anupama would be happier with a Nani or Dadi title. Anupama playfully responds by saying she does not possess a weighing machine to determine this, suggesting Pakhi use one if she has it. She encourages Pakhi to be content as she has read about IVF and advises her to remain in good spirits for the procedure. Once Pakhi leaves, Adhik also excuses himself for office work. Anupama quietly pleads with God for intervention.


Kavya notices a change in V’s behavior, sensing that he prefers to handle everything independently, displaying a lack of trust in others. Curious, Kavya questions Anupama’s guilt, to which Anupama responds, feeling remorseful for not managing the family during their time of need. A woman arrives with her daughter and shares a distressing incident where her daughter was bullied by Choti and her friends, leading her to refuse to go to school due to verbal abuse. Shocked, Anupama looks at Choti in disbelief.

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