Shiv Shakti (Zee) 19th September 2023 Written Episode: Shiv Protects Shakti, Ranjan’s Plan Revealed

Shiv Shakti

Shiv Shakti 19th September 2023 Written Episode Update on

It’s Shiv here. What if he recognizes me? Ranjan calls Mandira. She replies, relax, he won’t recognize you. She ends the call. Keertan arrives and says Shiv won’t spare Ranjan if he recognizes him. Mandira says Shiv won’t recognize him because I’ve ensured it. Keertan asks how. He isn’t losing his memory, but Mandira says he’ll do so soon.

I will ensure that Shiv remains broken in many ways. She takes out the medicine she gave him. She says I swapped his medicines and that it is erasing his memories so slowly that he will never be OK. Keertan says he is certain Ranjan won’t spare Shakti if he attempts to touch her. Mandira says she doesn’t care about Ranjan but that if Shiv beats him up, Manorama won’t like it. Because Shakti isn’t her real daughter, she won’t listen to Shakti and throw Shiv out of the house.

Shiv tells Shakti that we are a good team. Shakti says that doesn’t mean we must be friends. Shiv says why are you so stubborn… why do you not want Ranjan to marry Rimjhim? Shakti recalls everything and thinks I don’t think he or his family are good. Shiv says you can tell me we are a strong team and can make everything right if we work together. When Shakti sees Ranjan hiding, she thinks I must stop this wedding.

Shiv considers the possibility that Shiv is correct, and they must collaborate. She urges him to pay attention. Do you recall how you knew Ranjan? Think back to where you may have encountered him before. After some thought, Shiv recalls a dispute. He states that he and Ranjan are not friends, so there’s no reason for him to answer. Shakti reminds him that Rimjhim’s future hangs in the balance, and he’s making light of the situation, so he walks away. Perplexed by Shakti’s insistence on remembering where he saw Ranjan, Shiv wonders why she doesn’t want Rimjhim to marry him instead. He approaches her and inquires about his connection with Ranjan. Shakti reiterates that he doesn’t seem interested and should leave her alone.

Shakti says we can’t make him doubt us because I don’t remember where I saw him. Shiv smiles at her. Shakti tries to call him, but she puts her hand on his mouth and says we can’t make him doubt us. Manorama sees them and says wow…Shakti moves away. She says let’s go to the ceremony. Shiv gets scared and leaves. Ranjan hides and says Shiv won’t recognize me, but why is he behind Shakti? I think he is protecting Shakti. He can’t save Shakti.

There is something wrong with me. I get excited, happy, and scared all at once. This is not normal. Why am I feeling this way? He closes his eyes and thinks back to his moments with Shakti.

Raghunath expresses his concern to Mandira regarding Shiv’s well-being. It has been 4 days since he last went to the hospital, and many incidents could potentially jeopardize his position. If he continues to neglect his hospital visits, it will lead to gossip and create another scandal. We cannot risk our secret being exposed as it would ruin everything. As everyone listens in, Mandira shares her similar worries but admits feeling helpless as Shiv is not receptive to her advice. Confused, Raghunath asks why this is the case. Dadi interjects and explains that Shiv is simply following his heart – can’t you all see?

He is going to Shakti’s house, and you know why? Because of Shakti herself. Mandira questions, “What are you saying?” Dadi confirms, “I am right. He goes to that house specifically for Shakti.” However, Mandira knows she can’t let her family believe that Shakti and Shiv are meant for each other. She firmly declares that Shiv and Shakti cannot be together. Everyone gazes at her. She fears that Shiv might suffer again if they unite, so they should intervene before it’s too late. Even if Shiv does have feelings for Shakti, she doesn’t think they should allow them to reunite.

As Shakti performs Rimjhim’s haldi, her emotions get the best of her. Shiv notices that they aren’t precisely beaming with joy. A curious guest inquires about their tears, to which Manorama explains that it’s just a case of sentimental farewell as Rimjhim will soon depart. She reminds them to compose themselves. Just as Ranjan is about to touch Shakti, Shiv intervenes and is upset by his actions. Manorama quickly directs Ranjan away before he can make contact with Shakti. As Shiv observes the scene, he finally understands why Shakti dislikes Ranjan; he’s disrespectful. Shiv vows to remember Ranjan in a calm voice and make things right for Shakti. However, despite his efforts, he needs help recalling their argument or recognizing Ranjan’s face. Frustrated yet determined, Shiv declares that although he may not remember everything, he will do whatever it takes to make things right with Shakti.

Shakti bumps into Shiv and mistakenly smears Haldi on his shirt, saying sorry. Shiv sees her haldi and smiles. He wipes her hands and faces lovingly while Shakti stares at him. Manorama sees them and thinks Shakti is going to kill her. Ranjan sees them and decides that Shakti shouldn’t be spared for doing haldi with him.

Dadi tells the family that Shiv and Shakti are made for each other. Mandira told me Guruji also said someone would enter Shiv’s life. I brought him a girl, but it couldn’t work out. Shiv and Shakti have come into his life, which may have been what the Lord wanted. Let’s consider Shiv and Shakti getting married. Mandira thinks Guruji also predicted Shakti would destroy me, so I can’t let this happen.


In an attempt to touch Shakti inappropriately, Ranjan tells her, “I don’t like leaving rituals in between.” Shiv steps in and holds his hand back.

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