Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Emotional Moments and Family Celebrations

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai -

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 18th November 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode opens with Armaan in tears, remembering Dadi’s hurtful words. He firmly believes that his mother is not at fault. Madhav and Vidya witness Armaan’s emotional state. Meanwhile, Ruhi frantically searches for something. Manish notices her and asks what she is looking for. She replies that she is searching for the remote control. Manish points out that it is right there and encourages her to pick it up. However, Ruhi clarifies that she is searching for something else that seems to be missing. Suwarna suspects that Ruhi may be looking for Armaan. Despite his love for Dadi, Armaan acknowledges the fact that she has a hatred for his mother. Vidya joins him in tears and offers her support. Armaan expresses his gratitude towards her affection and states how unsettling it is when painful memories resurface, but he harbors no resentment towards life.

He rests his head on her lap and reflects on how his mother’s words are like a recurring wound. She acknowledges that Maasa did not accept him as part of the family. He agrees, stating that she always reminds him of his outsider status, but he is grateful for their acceptance. She tells him never to speak such words again and apologizes for Maasa’s hurtful comments. He embraces her in response. She points to the gullak (piggy bank), remarking how unique it is and symbolizing his importance to Maasa. She reassures him that he is their pride, their siblings’ favorite, the best elder brother and that it was destined for him to be part of their family. She ends by asking if he wants to know his true identity.

She mentions that we are all your truth. Was there anyone who made you feel like an outsider? He denies. She emphasizes that the bond of the heart is stronger than a blood relation and advises him not to dwell on Maasa’s hurtful words. Despite her efforts, she struggles to let go of memories. He asks her how she endured such pain, admitting that he never realized it as a child but now understands its significance. Moved by her words, she sheds tears. He expresses his love and admiration for her, to which she responds by asking him to stop making her cry. They embrace, and he continues to express his love for her while she reassures him that nothing has and will ever change in their relationship. He nods in agreement as they embrace once more.

Yuvraj is inebriated, kicking the door and shouting for it to be opened. “Papa!” he yells as Jagrat rushes over to steady him. “It’s Dhanteras. Elections are done, and you can do whatever you want. I’ll be by your side.”

Meanwhile, Armaan expresses a desire to speak with Ruhi and heads towards Rohit’s room. After not finding Rohit there, he attempts to call him without success. Frustrated, he notices a toy tortoise which reminds him of Abhira. Puzzled by this sudden remembrance, he has an idea and reaches out to Abhira for assistance. She receives his call amidst her thoughts of contacting Manish and playfully advises him to write an application with the words “please” twelve times due to his irritable mood.

He informed me of some work, to which she requested that he send mail. I tell her that our resort is fully booked. He then interrupts, saying he needs to have a word. After several failed attempts to reach Manish at the resort, Ruhi decides to ask for his jacket from the receptionist. Armaan expresses frustration, calling her a poorly behaved girl and wondering how he will speak with her. However, Ruhi spots a car approaching and immediately thinks of Armaan. She exclaims that he has arrived home and rushes to open the door for him in excitement. In her haste, she accidentally knocks over some gift boxes. Then she realizes it is not Armaan but Rohit, who introduces himself as Rohit Poddar and explains that Dadisa has sent Diwali gifts for them. As Surekha, Manish, and Suwarna enter the room, Ruhi quickly picks up the gift boxes while Surekha asks Rohit who he is. He clarifies that he is Rohit Poddar and that Dadisa has sent Diwali gifts for them.

“Manish expresses gratitude, but how can we accept it? Rohit advises not to refuse gifts. Surekha inquires why he got gifts for us. Manish invites him to take a seat. Ruhi anxiously awaits Armaan’s phone call. Manish thanks Dadisa for not sending Soan papdi. Rohit appreciates her sense of humor, as it aligns with his own. Ruhi playfully stops Manish from indulging in sweets. Rohit admires her cuteness while she scolds him and thinks she’ll look even more adorable when she smiles. Dadi and Vidya perform the puja ritual. Rohit arrives home and wonders why everyone seems tense, vowing to speak with them after the puja.”

Dadi distributes coins to all present and declares that the remaining ones will be donated. She reminds them that giving to charity leads to an endless flow of blessings. Sanjay excitedly suggests informing the media about their act of kindness. Dadi then instructs Vidya to light diyas throughout the house as a token of gratitude towards their staff, who will also receive a bonus. Manisha takes hold of the diyas, and Dadi reminds her to place five in the puja room. Vidya happily agrees to do so. Dadi then invites everyone to select a diya for themselves, prompting Kiara to ask if couples are supposed to pick just one. Dadi nods in confirmation, and Madhav and Vidya take their chosen diya before leaving. The other couples follow suit while Armaan remains seated without taking one for himself.


Abhira refuses to wear the engagement ring, and Yuvraj threatens her. Ruhi and Armaan meet. They talk, and he confesses his feelings and hugs her.

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