Barsatein 27th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Revelations and Confrontations Unfold


Barsatein 27th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins when Malini invites Aradhana to accompany her while Reyansh observes from a distance. Jai converses with Nita during their journey, revealing his love for Aradhana. However, Nita questions the necklace Aradhana was wearing, and Jai clarifies that he had gifted it to her. She then suggests throwing a party where Reyansh and Vikram will be invited, but Jai mentions how Reyansh won’t attend his wedding due to their estranged friendship. Malini and Aradhana depart, leading Nita to inquire about Reyansh’s absence from the marriage. Jai denies anyone coming between him and Reyansh; however, Nita brings up Malini’s daughter’s broken engagement with Reyansh and how he had set up the shagun ceremony with fire.

Aradhana’s actions have caused a rift between you, Malini, and Viren. It’s concerning how many relationships she will continue to affect. Jai reminds us that we cannot solely place the blame on her if our relationships are fragile. After all, you are unaware of who she truly is. Malini points out that Aradhana has not only taken your heart and friend but may also destroy your peace of mind. This behavior angers Malini, causing her to raise her voice at Kadambari. However, Kadambari calmly states that she does not wish to argue and needs to focus on practicing instead. Malini scolds her for not taking time for her son, but Kadambari responds with understanding, as she knows what Malini has been through.

In response to Nita’s question about the merger deal with Reyansh, Akash says the agreement has been canceled, but we are managing. Reyansh comes. Malini says I’m talking to your mother. She asks why he has his channel. Jai says yes, it was Jai’s decision. He says you ruined everything. She argues with him. She doesn’t know what’s unique about Aradhana. She blames Kadambari.

Aradhana refers to Reyansh as a devil who only knows how to destroy the world. She firmly states that he will not be forgiven. Kadambari notices Reyansh’s presence, and he tells her not to look at him because she never taught him how to defend himself, so she should handle the situation alone. Aradhana announces that they have received what Reyansh had sent, along with complaining about his actions. She decides to distance herself even further from him due to his behavior, stating that she is moving on and getting married to someone else. She explains that some people must let go of the past to move forward, showing Kadambari her wedding invitation as proof. Kadambari advises her not to repeat the same mistake she made. Malini adds that Aradhana is marrying a nice guy. Aradhana agrees and mentions how Vivek always gave her love, which is why she came to invite him personally. However, Kadambari and Reyansh are not invited. With Malini by her side, Aradhana leaves after bidding farewell.

Nita is not happy with us being Khuranas. Akash agrees. Jai never takes advice from anyone. She wants to change Jai’s life, and that makes Reyansh angry. Kadambari comforts him before he storms off. Meanwhile, Malini calls Kriti and invites her to meet her. When Kriti asks what’s happening, Malini insists she just come and see for herself. During their meeting, Malini embraces Kriti and expresses how much she misses her and their mother-daughter bonding trips. However, Kriti seems distant as she thinks about Komal revealing the truth about Aradhana to her. After Malini offers to order something for them, Kriti confronts her about keeping secrets from them and accuses her of coming to tell them that Aradhana is her daughter. She recounts how they were destroyed because of Aradhana and how Malini always supported her because she was alone.

Malini urges Kriti to listen and let her explain. Kriti, needing some time alone, asks where Malini is staying, specifically at Aradhana’s place. Giving in, Malini goes away, and Kriti, overwhelmed with emotion, expresses her hatred for Aradhana. Just then, she receives a call from Nita, causing her to lash out angrily. Nita notices the change in Kriti’s behavior and suggests they discuss everything over a drink. At their meeting, Nita reminds Kriti that Jai chose her over her daughter but now regrets it due to the painful repercussions. Kriti shares how Aradhana has cunningly taken advantage of Jai to make Reyansh jealous. Surprised by this revelation, Nita wonders if it’s true since Aradhana appears innocent.

The story of Kriti is complex; do you want to hear about it? She tells her everything. Nita says Aradhana is very clever. Jai comes and sees Kriti. Nita scolds him. Jai claims Kriti blackmailed me. He scolds her. I’m with Aradhana, and nobody can harm her. Get lost, he says. Mom, I’m sorry you will lose your son if I hear anything against Aradhana.


Then Reyansh buys Aradhana’s colony. Aradhana says she will marry Jai. Reyansh challenges her.

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