Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 5th October 2023 Written Episode: Savi’s Academic Crisis


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In response to Shantanu’s observation of Isha arranging candy floss and lollipops on a table, she says she is preparing for the party since she is a kid at heart and would be excited to see her surprise since she completed her exam today. After Savi returns, Isha asks Shantanu to hide the gifts soon. He hides them. Isha says she must have written her paper well. Savi gives her a rustication letter, which she asks what it is about.

In response to Savi’s statement that her favorite student has been rusticated for cheating in the exam, Shantanu is shocked and asks if Ishan wasn’t present. Ishan always finds reasons to humiliate Savi; Savi pleaded with Ishan, Nishi, Yashwant, and Sathe sir that she was innocent and Durva and Ayush cheated instead, but they refused to listen to her and sent her a rustication letter.

Ishan is checking Durva and Ayush’s answer sheets, which appear to be identical and seem to have been copied directly from a book. However, upon examining Savi’s sheet, he initially considers giving her a zero. Yet upon closer inspection, he is pleasantly surprised by her thorough and outstanding work. This leads him to realize that Savi is innocent and it was Durva who cheated on the exam. As Asmita brings him coffee, she asks him not to get upset once she reveals something to him. Ishan then learns that their family’s daughter cheated on the exam, not Savi. Curious, Ishan asks Asmita what she found. She shows him a small note and explains that she discovered it in Durva’s jeans. This infuriates Ishan as he reads the contents of the note.

Savi recounts the humiliation and accusations she faced in college, alongside Kiran’s attempts to tarnish her name. Isha believes it was all an outlet for their frustration, adding that perhaps she should not have chosen this particular college for Savi. However, Ishan reveals that it was Durva who cheated on an exam and tried to blame Savi. Despite his evidence, the family remains skeptical. Nishi suggests he may have found it on Savi’s answer sheet, but Ishan clarifies that Asmita saw it in Durva’s jeans. Surekha dismisses Asmita as foolish, but Ishan defends Savi, who pleaded her innocence to no avail. Finally, he asks where Durva is now.

After partying, Durva returns home to find Ishan showing her some chits and asking about the handwriting. She identifies it as Savi’s, and Ishan reveals that Asmita saw them in her jeans. Despite being called out for her actions, Durva continues to lie. This angers Ishan, who attempts to hit her but is stopped by their family members. He warns Durva to tell the truth, to which she finally admits that Ayush had planted the chits in Savi’s answer sheet and begs for forgiveness. However, Ishan states that it is too late for forgiveness and suggests that Durva give up on studying and start a vada pav stall outside the college. Surekha drags him aside to speak privately while Nishi takes Durva to her room. Yashwant reminisces about Savi’s plea.

Savi says she will return to Ramtek, and Shantanu thinks he will confront Yashwant tomorrow for making a wrong decision without seeking the truth. Isha urges her to fight back like a warrior and not give up.


Her parents are in the picture, so Savi apologizes for disappointing them. Ishan asks what she is doing here, and he searches her everywhere. Savi says she disappointed her parents and doesn’t deserve to live here. Ishan holds her hand and says he didn’t see a brilliant student like her; he was a roadblock to her success, but now he will help her succeed.

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