Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 16th November 2023: Savi Exposes Samrudh at Durva’s Engagement


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Surekha and Nishikant humiliate Harini. As Nishi asks Harini if this is her first paid program on such a large platform, Harini nods. That’s why she couldn’t sing. Surekha says she shouldn’t have dreamed so big. Harini says she understands what they are saying. She says it’s good she’s not like her sister.

When Sam and his parents arrive at the Bhosale house for the engagement ritual, Sam asks his parents what they will say when asked why they are late. His mother says she will say they left according to an auspicious time. Amrit says they all should say the same: They are going late to avoid people. When the engagement is over, the Bhosales will not cancel the wedding; they will be wealthy after marriage.

Surekha hands Harini an envelope containing 1 Rs as payment for her singing. As Harini bends down to pick up a coin Surekha dropped, the latter offers blessings and expresses her hope that Harini will soon succeed so that they no longer have to visit Bhosale’s house or have Savi wander around Ishan. Savi approaches them, and Surekha compliments her hosting abilities. She then performs the nazar ritual with money for Durva’s blessings before giving it to Savi as her remuneration for hosting. Surekha assures Savi that it will bring both good fortune and blessings.

Savi returns her money and says they eat from their hard-earned money. Blessings cannot be bought with money, and she wishes Durva well. With Harini, she walks towards the door, asking Surekha to give the money to the needy. Asmita says they should have dinner and leave. Savi says they need to leave. Nishi warns Asmita that the boy’s family has arrived, and she needs to pay attention to them. The Bhosales welcome Sam and his family. Savi and Harini leave.

During the auto ride, Harini recalls being insulted by Surekha. After passing in the corridor, Savi sees Samrudh’s family. Harini says she noticed that boy. Savi asks how she could not sense that he was evil Samrudh Latkar. Harini recalls Surekha insulting her and stops Savi. Harini asks the auto driver to return them to where he picked them up.

Ishan gives Samrudh a gift and asks him to read a note. Samrudh reads that he must take good care of his sister. Otherwise, he will face the consequences. He promises Ishan that he will always make his sister happy. As Harini tells Savi, Bhosales are rich and will have done a thorough investigation, so they shouldn’t interfere.

Savi asks if Isha has thought the same way and let Samrudh marry her. Samrudh kneels and proposes to Durva. Durva agrees. As Samrudh is about to insert the ring into Durva’s finger, Savi stops him and slaps him hard. Surekha shouts at Savi, asking how dare she be slapping her, which would be SIL. Surekha warns Savi to stop talking and tries to slap her. Ishan holds her hand and says let’s listen to Savi first.

Yashwant shouts at Ishan for opposing his family and supporting Savi. She tells us that her marriage was with Samrudh Latkat, and she had to flee when she found out he was an alcoholic, drug addict, womanizer, etc., and his whole family was a fraud. Surekha refuses to believe her. Harini describes the entire story in detail.

Durva shouts at Savi to leave her house because Bosales still doesn’t believe her. Ishan says she told him not to call Savi here; she spoilt everything. He says Savi is a fraud and characterless, but even then, he agrees to marry her, but she leaves him in the mandap for another guy. Savi says he’s lying.

Samrudh’s mother thinks they are caught and asks Mandar to run from there. Ishan suggests giving Savi a chance since he loves his sister and doesn’t want to ruin her life. Mandar says they trust Savi and accuse them, and he won’t let his son marry her. He tries to walk away with his family. Ishan stops them and says if they are innocent, let Savi prove it.

Savi calls Isha, but she is sound asleep and doesn’t answer. Yaswant asks her to show proof right now. Ishan tells them to give Savi ten minutes to prove herself, and if she fails, he will apologize and give Sam his sister’s hand. The drama continues…


Ishan tells Savi he is going against his family for the first time and trusting her. Nishi drags Savi out of the house. Ishan confronts Nishi.

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