Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 22nd January 2023 Written Update

Omkar tells Bhavani that Omkar’s political career ruined Mohit’s marriage. Sai visits Savi and Vinayak’s class and tells them she will wait for them until school ends. Rather than accusing her, Bhavani says he should use his brain; it was Karishma who had an illicit relationship. Karishma says Virat didn’t do anything; his cheap boyfriend was trying to get her into an illicit relationship to take her pictures in compromising positions, but Karishma loves Mohit and didn’t cross the line.

Sonali cries that she misunderstood Karishma, and now she would never be able to see her again. Virat calls Mohit and Karishma in. Sonali is relieved. During the break, Vinayak asks Sai what she’s doing here. Sai tells him she wanted to see him. He says he has many classes left, Savi will arrive after showing a teacher her notes.

Sai asks if she can come to see only Vinayak. Savi joins them and asks if she is taking them on a picnic with a half-day leave. Sai says there is no half-day leave, she brought a surprise for Vinu. She gives Vinu’s favourite snacks. Despite Karishma’s apology, her whole Chavan family forgives her. She touches their feet, acknowledges her mistake, and promises never to repeat it again. Sonali asks her to forget the past and hugs her.

Her husband also thanks Virat for protecting the Chavan family’s name and hugs her and forgives her. Bhavani says he doesn’t get tired of chanting the Sai mantra, but whatever help Karishma received, she will give credit only to Virat. Virat says she should thank Sai instead, who informed him about Karishma and supported her till now.

Bhavani and Sonali are thrilled to hear that Karishma was pregnant with Mohit’s child when she left Chavan Nivas. Karishma says she lost the child in an accident. Bhavani feels dizzy hearing the news and cries that they are hearing only bad news and asks god why she is being punished and why she cannot see her grandchild. Sonali says she was eager to hear a piece of good news and it came along with bad news.

Sai asks Vinu if he brought his broken house. Vinu says yes, and hands it over to Sai. She says she will fix it perfectly with magic glue, so nobody will know that it was broken. Sai says a few things looked better after breaking and asks if this one is as beautiful as the previous one. Vinu says it looks more beautiful than before. Sai says a few things look better after breaking.

In picking up Vinu, Pakhi feels jealous. Vinu shows Pakhi his house and says it looks better than earlier models. Pakhi thanks Sai for helping Sai and says she should focus on her daughter’s clay model while I’ll focus on my son’s. Vinu slips the model house while picking it. Sai holds it and says she didn’t let it break again. Pakhi says there’s a difference between a like son and a real son.

Vinu is taken away by Pakhi. Sai checks her mobile watch and thinks there are only 40 hours left to be separated from her son.

Sai and Pakhi both smile and walk towards Vinu. Virat gets tensed thinking he didn’t tell Pakhi that Vinu is Sai’s son, what should he do now?

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