Kumkum Bhagya 24th April 2023 Written Update

Akshay says he could not understand how he would live his life without her around him, he hugs Prachi tightly to which Ranbir cannot bear it, and Akshay explains that he does not understand what she meant by gun and bullet. She tells her and Ranbir were trying to escape with Khushi but Balvera and his men came, and she explains the entire situation when a bullet struck Khushi while she was trying to protect them, and Akshay thought she was injured because of the bullet.

Dadi and Shahana call Prachi and hug her, commenting that it is wonderful that she is fine. Dadi asks where Khushi is when Prachi explains that she is still undergoing surgery and is in the ICU, Akshay asks where his father is when Shahan explains he’s in the hospital with a sprain in his foot so he can speak with him. As Ranbir gazes at Prachi, he recalls Akshay’s concern for Prachi and declares that Akshay certainly loves her.

Dida and Palavi are standing wondering how Bhagwan could do such a thing to such a small child, but Bi jee explains that they all know Ranbir’s love for her is unconditional. Pallavi explains she knows it, but this is not the time to be weak, since she cannot take care of Ranbir or her without them taking care of themselves.

As Rhea approaches Bhagwan, she informs him that she has prayed, and Bhagwan accepts her prayers, so he will protect Khushi as he did Ranbir, and as she recalls when she met Khushi for the first time, she explains that she is a pure soul and would never suffer any harm. When Dadi meets Shahana and Akshay, Pallavi rushes to hug her, asking how she is, when Dadi responds that she is fine, while Khushi is fine, while Rhea goes to hug Shahana, she thanks her when Shahana inquires,

When Rhea answers for being Prachi’s true sister and always standing by her side, Shahana stands next to Dadi, who is praying to Bhagwan. Having protected Ranbir’s life, Pallavi exclaims she is a really strong person. Dadi asks Pallavi if she will be fine, and she assures her that she will not be harmed.

Prachi signs and explains she thought Ranbir was her husband. Prachi remembers her life with Ranbir and how he blamed her for the death of their daughter Panchi, before ordering her to leave. When the nurse explains that she came to the hospital with him, thinking they were the parents of that child, but she was with someone else instead, Prachi questions what the nurse is trying to say; when Prachi stands in front of Ranbir before slowly walking past him, the nurse apologizes once more, and he asks for the pen at reception.

Ranbir once again comes to stand in front of Prachi and they both start walking together while Prachi stares back at him.

Mr Ashok is in the car with Akshay, who calls him an old man when Mr Ashok lets him know that he’s not old at all, which is why Akshay calls him dad, Mr Ashok then talks with Akshay who asks if he can call him Dude. Akshay affirms that Prachi was never in danger, and Mr Ashok explains that he worries a lot and someday would suffer a heart attack. Akshay says he himself said he is still young.

Mr Ashok mentions he doesn’t feel Akshay would know how much he loves her when Akshay replies he knows about the love, but the signal gets really weak, so the call disconnects when Mr Ashok plans to talk to Akshay after reaching the hospital, he asks the driver how long it will take to reach the hospital.

Prachi and Ranbir are walking when Ranbir recalls how Akshay hugged her, and she remembers how Rhea hugged Ranbir when they were outside the operating room. When Ranbir suddenly starts feeling pain in his arm, Prachi asks the nurse where the doctor is. She replies there are many accident cases since there was a bus accident.

She forces Ranbir to sit on the couch when Prachi asks her if she can take the medical tray. He explains she knows she is not a doctor, Prachi replies, but she knows he is a patient, she instructs him to lift his shirt, but he is not able to do it completely, Prachi herself does it assuring it has already happened, he says she should ask him how it happened because he felt immense pain.

Prachi explains she asked him to get the wound treated when they brought Khushi, but he didn’t listen to her and he asks if he needs to apologize while holding his ear. She starts applying the medicine after requesting that she be patient, but she apologizes throughout the process.

She gets furious exclaiming that she has to even hear his lecture. Ranbir still looks at how worried Prachi seems, tries to correct his shirt, but they both hit each other in the head. When Prachi asks if he cannot watch, Ranbir thinks for a moment and informs that it happened when they were both in the collage. Prachi replies that she remembers it.

They agree to leave and get up but Ranbir is about to fall, she asks if he is fine when he says that he just got dizzy, so Prachi asks him if he is fine after getting out of the room, and he says she wants to leave him, he says he himself asked her to leave. She left when he said it once and could have come back, Prachi explains he didn’t try to find her when Ranbir mentions he’d tried a lot to find her but one day he saw something that made him lose hope and even, she didn’t call him.

When Ranbir asks Prachi what happened, she is stunned when she hears something break. Prachi is shocked to see Mr Ashok, so she rushes to hug him. She asks Akshay why he let Mr Ashok come here when he is so injured, but Mr Ashok says he becomes concerned when he doesn’t see Prachi, and he even hugs Akshay and Prachi.

The situation is too much for Ranbir and he gets emotional. He recalls how beautiful his life was with Prachi and how they were a happy family. He starts crying when he sees Prachi with Ashok and Akshay. Pallavi complains that life is unpredictable, and right now she is in so much pain. Sahana complains that her mother won’t allow her to wear new clothes.

Dida mentions that she is not the biological mother of Khushi, while Sahana replies that she is not the mother of Khushi.

Dadi says she can say it in front of everyone that she is not the mother of Khushi because if she was the mother, she would have come here and asked how her daughter was and her condition, Pallavi says they can agree that she called, but where is she because they all are here and are worried for her, so what about her? The nurse appears when they all inquire about Khushi’s condition, and she reports that she isn’t doing well.

They all get worried, and the doctor also comes out. He tells them that he cannot tell them much because she is still in a critical condition, telling them to wait in the waiting area. Dadi prays to Bhagwan that Khushi recovers while walking with everyone. Pallavi asks him to ensure Khushi is okay.

The precap: Ranbir says, “I am lucky to have Khushi in my life.” Prachi replies, “She is the joy of our life.” The doctor says Khushi’s condition is critical, even internal bleeding has started. Please pray for Khushi.

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