Faltu 3rd March 2023 Written Episode Update

Faltu Episode Update

The episode begins with Faltu joining the cooking competition. Rocky is criticized by the other cooks because he is a kid. Dadi says this kid cannot cook. Rocky, you came at the wrong time. Faltu thinks about what to do, I won’t get another chance. Govind says we have a big family, I’m not sure you can handle this.

Faltu asks, are you all done, and I reply, you can’t judge me by my appearance, I worked at a big movie actor’s place, I am 20 years old, taste the food first, I’m not begging for work, see who wins. Kinshuk says you are a cook and philosopher. Tanisha asks if we have ever met, Rocky, or whatever your name is. Faltu worries. She says maybe, now that I am famous, we should start the competition.

The participants will begin. Harsh asks the participants to listen carefully to the rules. Using the ingredients on their table, he asks them to make their favourite dish, if the entire family likes it, they will be given the top cook job. They will be given two hours to do so.

A sad story is told by Faltu when Govind asks Rocky why he got this from home. Faltu says it was blessed by Bajrang Bali. Suhana says Rocky is entertaining. Kinshuk says it will be fun if he becomes our cook. They all make the food at home. Tanisha says yes, you can taste the food. Kanika says I have set everything, no worries. Tanisha nods. Suhana says I will get Ayaan.

The man says that nobody knows about Vishal, possibly he has left the city by road or he is hidden somewhere here, his phone is off. Ayaan says fine, keep looking for him. Kanika hired him, she would have checked his background, shall I talk to her, no, it won’t be good.

The cooks are there making food, Rocky is a celebrity chef, you will choose him if you meet him. He says he has worked. She asks him to come. Harsh tells Faltu to get back from the table, now get the dish and taste it in front of the judges. Ayaan comes. Savita says Ayaan has come. Faltu dances and cooks.

The food is ready now, Suhana says. Everyone tastes the food made by other participants. Faltu worries. Dadi says you decorated it well, but where is the taste? The cook asks if she knows anything about taste. She leaves.

Dadi says it’s good she left. Harsh says Rocky, it’s your turn. Faltu gets the food. Dadi asks Ayaan to taste it first. He tastes the food and recalls Faltu. He says it’s delicious, too good. Tanisha thinks Ayaan smiled after many days, the therapy is helping. Everyone enjoys the food.

Tanisha says we should make Rocky the final. Dadi and everyone agree. Harsh announces Rocky has won the cooking contest. Rocky dances. They all smile. Ayaan visits Faltu.


Govind catches Faltu’s word when she says, “Message me whatever you want to eat, I’ll manage everything.” Faltu says she has been troubled by you all.

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