Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 23rd January 2023 Written Update

Seeing Pakhi happily colouring Vinu’s clay house, Virat realizes he needs to reveal the truth to Pakhi quickly. He walks to them and praises their effort in fixing the clay house so well, it no longer looks broken.

Earlier, Virat had explained that he wanted to talk to Pakhi alone in their room. Pakhi accompanies him and asks what he wants to talk about; he shouldn’t keep insisting that she should allow Vinu to call Sai Choti Mamma. He shows baby Vinayak’s sweater, reminding them it is their Vinu’s sweater that Sai has woven, and asks if there is anything else important to discuss.

Pakhi recalls a past incident and asks where he got this sweater from, did Sai give it to him, she says that Virat always talks about Sai. Vinu comes in and asks Virat to get him some colours from the top. Pakhi says she will assist. Vinu says it is heavy. Pakhi says his mamma is not weak. Virat walks out with Vinu.

She opens a window to check and gets a letter thrown for her. She opens it and is about to read it when Vinu enters and shows her his clay house light decoration. When Sai calls, Pakhi frowns. Sai asks how he is and disconnects the call saying she dialled him just like that, then calls again and says she redialled by mistake.

It is not obvious why she calls him repeatedly and even came to meet him. Sai asks if she can’t call him without any reason. Vinu says she can and he likes talking to her. Sai says she also likes talking to him. The more Virat tries to resolve the issue, the more it gets out of control. He notices that he still has 36 hours left and decides he should reveal the truth to Pakhi as soon as possible. He takes Pakhi back to their room.

A mirror shows Sai that she is not Vinu’s doctor aunty or choti maa, but her real mother. She describes how they separated after a bus accident, how his biological father adopted her, and how Pakhi is his surrogate mother.

Sai imagines her Aaba who asks what’s bothering her. She says she is wondering if Vinu will call Pakhi a mamma or aunty after he shifts with Sai. Aaba asks Sai what she thinks. Sai says he can call Pakhi Maa. Sai says she is eager to hear maa from her son. Aaba asks her to wait for the right moment. Sai says she can’t wait any longer.

Virat attempts to speak with Pakhi. Pakhi reads a letter and tells Virat how the letter came to her. Virat asks what was written in the letter. Pakhi says she does not know; Vinu took her before she could read. Virat finds the stone and asks Sai who would send her something like this. Sai doesn’t know and asks what he wants to talk about. Virat says he wants to tell her about Vinu’s sweater.

Vinu says he got the best artist award and wants to dedicate the award to his mother. Sai and Pakhi both smile and walk towards Vinu. Virat gets tensed thinking he didn’t tell Pakhi about Vinu being Sai’s son yet, what should he do?

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