Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 10th February 2023 Written Update

Sai extends her hands and calls Vinu to come to her. Vinu looks at Pakhi and then walks to Sai. Pakhi breaks down when she sees that. Sai is pushed away by Vinu, who shouts at her to leave the area. His mother had told him that a dirty sorcerer would try to seize the prince from her, Sai is that sorcerer, and he will refer to her as dirty auty from now on.

In an attempt to lift him up, Sai pushes her again and shouts at her not to get close to him. After hugging Pakhi and telling her he will never leave her, he asks her to take him away from dirty aunty. Sai is shattered after seeing his behaviour. Virat tries to help her, but she stops him. Vinu says dirty aunty is not his mother. Virat asks him to calm down and reminds him how much he loves his doctor Aunty. Sai notices them and asks why Vinu Dada is crying.

Savi asks Virat why Pakhi aunty said that to her. Virat tells her to go to the terrace and comfort her mother. Savi asks what happened. Virat says he will explain later. Vinu’s hateful words for Sai cause him to break down more. Savi runs over and wipes her tears. Sai asks if she is a dirty mother. She says she is the best mother in the world. Vinu told him she was a dirty mother. As Vinu himself is a dirty boy who constantly fights with her and gets angry with her, Savi tells her not to bother about his words; she will speak to Vinu, etc.

Vinu walks in with Virat and Pakhi sobbing continuously and asks Pakhi not to let dirty aunty inside their home. Ashwini wonders who dirty Aunty is. Bhavani asks Mohit to check where Pakhi and Vinu are. He tells Bhavani that dirty aunty visited his school and told him that she is his real mother, and he will never accept her as his mother. Bhavani promises him that she will never let him leave them and asks him to rest.

Bhavani starts cursing and badmouthing Sai as usual. Virat asks her to stop cursing Sai because she does not know what Sai is going through, Sai alone fought her battles, and she should realize what a mother feels when her son tells her he hates her, and she shouldn’t say that being a mother, etc. Bhavani stands silent.

She breaks down again recalling Vinu’s hatred for her and imagines him apologizing to her and telling her that, from now on, he will not refer to her as doctor aunty or choti mamma, but as aayi. She feels happy. Savi notices Sai talking to a teddy and asks what she’s doing. Sai says Vinu dada came back and apologized to her. Savi says there’s no one here. Sai says he’s on the bed.

Seeing no one, Sai takes Teddy to show him his room. Savi asks where she is going, saying she is hungry and Vinu dada isn’t around. Sai says let her speak to her dada. In sleep, Vinu continues to blabber at Sai. Pakhi comforts him and makes him sleep again. Virat watches this. Pakhi blames Sai for Vinu’s condition.

As Vinu sees Pakhi packing their bags for Mumbai, Sai with Savi reaches Chavan nivas and says she returned home.

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