Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 2nd March 2023 Written Update

Written Episode of Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 2nd March 2023, Written Update

Virat smiles when he sees the earring on the wall when he leaves and enters the house because Pakhi fixed it on the wall. Pakhi says this earring is of the world’s most unique girl, and they should question Virat about why he is hiding it in Virat’s dress. Sonali and Omkar ask who the earring belongs to and how it relates to Virat.

Virat says she is creating drama again, that day of the sari and today earning. Sonali says that the sari was Sai’s and if the earring is Sai’s. Bhavani agrees. She claims Virat sat outside Sai’s outhouse that day wearing her sari and today was hiding her earring; he was acting like nibba nibbi; last time she tore Sai’s sari, but now she will bring Sai’s stuff into the house to make her husband happy.

As Virat warns Pakhi not to do this, he asks if she waits for chances to create drama; husband and wife’s issues should remain within four walls, and if they come out, they become drama, as Pakhi is doing now. She says she should discuss her husband’s affair within the house, and he should stop having affairs outside, but he brought his ex-wife home and is openly having an affair.

Pakhi says she is exposing what is going on in his mind, and everyone should know about it, Virat says everyone should know what really happened instead of believing Pakhi’s drama. Instead of creating drama, Pakhi should thank Sai for saving her husband’s life, as he reveals how he dozed while driving and how Sai controlled the steering and saved him. Sonali remarks Virat’s behaviour is changing daily. Pakhi picks up the frame and earring and walks away.

Bhavani takes Virat to dinner at night and says that a person shouldn’t travel in two boats, he should listen to only his heart. Virat asks if she is serious.

Until now, Bhavani has told him Sai is the reason for all his problems, but now she is able to clearly state that Sai is the only solution to his pains and happiness and that he is the mother of his children, so his Kaku wants him to listen to his heart only. As Virat says, who doesn’t want to listen to their heart, Bhavani herself taught him that responsibility goes beyond heart, so he will fulfil his promise.

The next morning, Sai prepares breakfast for Savi and asks her to get ready for school soon. Savi walks to her ready. Sai says she prepared Puran Poli for her. Savi says even Vinu Dada will attend school from today. Sai prepares tiffin for Vinu too. Pakhi asks what she needs as she walks to CN. Savi says her aayi gave Vinu dada tiffin and asks if she can keep it in Vinu’s bag. Before Vinu could see it, Pakhi throws it in the dustbin. Sai gets ready for work and searches for her earring. Pakhi walks in and asks if she is searching for the earring. Sai asks where she found it.

It was stuck in her husband’s collar. Sai thanks her. Pakhi says it was her duty to save her son’s father, as she wouldn’t have been able to answer her children if something had happened to him. Seeing her puran poli tiffin in the dustbin, Pakhi says Sai doesn’t get tired of calling Vinu her son, but he hates her so much that he threw it away. Sai prays to Maa Annapurna to forgive her son for disrespecting food since he is just a child. According to Pakhi, she shouldn’t show her drama to her son, who hates her so much he doesn’t want to see her.

Sai says Pakhi filled poison against her in her son’s mind and she won’t leave until she turns his hatred into love. Bhavani arranges chats and candyfloss in the garden for Savi in hopes that Sai will think that Virat brought it to her. As Sai is crying outside, she calls Virat and asks him what is going on.

Bhavani says he is worried about Nagpur but doesn’t know what’s happening at home. Virat asks what happened. Bhavani says Savi is crying profusely in her room. Virat says he will hurry over there.

When Ashwini hears that, Bhavani asks what she is doing. Bhavani warns her not to question her as she is the elder of the house and knows what she is doing. Ashwini is asked by Pakhi how dare she tell Sai that she is breaking Virat’s house. She says she can support Pakhi, but she shouldn’t bother Sai.

Ashwini says she hated Sai until yesterday and didn’t want to acknowledge Savi as her granddaughter. Bhavani says she made the right decision and knows what she’s doing.


Then Virat knocks on Sai’s door looking worried for her. Sai opens the door and asks why he came here. Virat says Bhavani told him she needed help. Sai says he should pay attention to someone else and not her.

Her one child hates her so much that he tosses her prepared lunch into the dustbin because Virat poisoned his mind against her. Virat says he did not. Sai asks if he did anything to remove that poison from her son’s mind, otherwise, he should be worried if she takes her both children out of his house.

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