Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 11th April 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 11th April 2023, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ranimaa saying what Gunni said about Kalik, she told that 20 years back and Raja Saheb didn’t come back, Gunni was 6 years old at the time, I remember her words, she finds Kalik as a snake in her dream, I know Kalik is a name of nature, that bites men and makes them forget their homes and families. Shivendra says you are here. Surilii says I have my stall here. Shivendra asks if may I help. She says no, I was immature that day, I know how to keep Kalik away from my palace and my prince.

I got late, I have a tendency to get late every day. She says no, she got late. Shivendra says I’ll help you. She talks to him. She says this gramophone is my mother and father’s last sign. If you’re here, I’ll get my wallet, I’ll pay for the coffee. Shivendra smiles at her. She says she is accustomed to doing her work.

Maan starts coughing and leaves. His asthma pump falls. Talwar says you are younger, you will be a prince, not a king. Talwar adds some alcohol to the traditional drink. Surilii sees him and helps him. She asks him to breathe and calm down. She makes him smell the coffee beans. He looks at her. He gives him some coffee beans to smell. He smiles. She goes. Maan searches for her.

In response to the lady’s question, Ranimaa says she wants to meet Swati, her education has been completed now, and she loves her roots. She asks about her eldest son, who is handling the business. Rani maa says he will be coming tonight, and you will come with Swati. She says she will come. Rani Maa says she will wait for you. The woman says Kalik can’t enter my palace this time.

Shivendra takes his wallet and leaves. Maan has messaged, Maa, I’ll come on time with your favourite son. Then Bandish looks for Talwar. Talwar sees Surilii at the coffee stall. Bandish says you order what you like. Talwar orders Irish coffee with whiskey. I’ve booked a room for you in this hotel, says Bandish.

As Talwar says, you know I don’t party dry, I don’t go to my room alone, I have a drink. Bandish suggests we keep the bottle before Shivendra arrives. Shivendra asks what you said. Maan and you should come to Talwar’s room because he’s tired and wants to rest. Bandish says nothing.

Surilii says Maan is not here. Shivendra sees Surilii at the stall. Talwar says Maan also left. Bandish takes Talwar with him. Shivendra greets Surilii and gives her the money for the morning coffee. She says I doubt I have changed. You are lucky Shivendra didn’t hear me, Bandish says this is your room key, I can’t do more for you. He sees Surilii and says I’ll have my deal, it’s a royal property, next time. Surilii says I don’t have a change, next time. Shivendra says you can keep it. She says no, I’ll write it in my book. Maan comes and tells Shivendra about Talwar.

She says coffee works as a therapy, I’m a therapist, take care. Shivendra says we can leave, you can call the chopper. Maan goes to the stall to get the roll for herself. Shivendra thanks her for helping. A servant stares at Swati as her mom and meets Ranimaa. A manager says that Ranimaa has given Swati this diamond brooch. Swati smiles at the diamond brooch. She says I’ll get it during Mu dikhai. Surilii gets tired. As she keeps the things in the van, she whistles.

Talwar whistles. She turns to see him. He flirts with her. He gives her money. He says my business partner gave you one note and you smiled and talked to him, and I’m giving you many notes. She asks him to leave. He says you’re doing a drama, so come with me, what’s the problem?

I will call the police if he misbehaves with her. Shivendra comes and stops him. He pushes Talwar away. Talwar says we are 50-50 partners, you think you’ll handle everything on your own? Shivendra pushes Talwar down. He falls over the gramophone. Surilii cries.


Seeing her café broken, Surilii cries. Bandish says you have come again. Talwar asks Shivendra how the deal was cancelled. Shivendra comes.

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