Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 15th June 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 15th June 2023 Written Episode Update on

The episode begins with Raghu being happy to see Swati supporting him. Shiv congratulates them but says he needs time to accept the situation. Swati expresses her happiness at finally getting the place she deserved and feeling free after being compelled to marry Shiv. Raghu reveals that he had tried to confess his feelings to Swati, and she accepts his proposal, stating that they will get married. Surilii and Shiv congratulate them, with Shiv assuring Swati that she deserves all the happiness and that Raghu will love her deeply. Surilii expresses her joy and gratitude, acknowledging the guilt they had felt and emphasizing that everything has turned out well in the end. They share a group hug, and Swati welcomes Raghu into her family, while Surilii thanks Swati for accepting her.

Maan and Sam arrive and congratulate Raghu. Maan hugs Raghu, and Swati extends her greetings as well. Sam expresses relief that it’s Raghu’s marriage and not Shiv’s, while Surilii receives a call from Pammi. Surilii talks to her happily and mentions that everyone has welcomed her warmly, informing her about Raghu’s marriage. Sam suggests having a bachelor’s party, and Raghu offers to make the arrangements. Swati playfully reminds him that she has the right to know all their secrets now. Sam invites Maan to join him, and Swati apologizes for forgetting to congratulate him but extends her wishes. Shiv expresses his gratitude, stating that he had no idea about Raghu and Swati’s feelings for each other and that Raghu proposed to her. Raghu holds Swati’s hand, and Shiv remarks on the strong bond between the brothers. Raghu appreciates Shiv’s independent thinking and how it has influenced him. Sasha interrupts the conversation with a video call, and they exchange pleasantries.

Surilii showcases the grand palace to Diya and Sasha, highlighting its luxurious features and valuable antiques. Rani Maa arrives, and Shiv mentions that Bandish holds a special place in their company. Raghu suggests keeping Bandish as personal staff instead of in the office. Shiv questions the decision, but Swati urges them to focus on meeting Rani Maa. Raghu agrees, respecting her wishes.

Rani Maa taunts Surilii, and Pammi assures her that they will meet soon. However, Rani Maa rejects the idea and emphasizes that Surilii is not her daughter-in-law and should not cause misunderstandings within her family. Surilii defends her family and expresses her dedication to Shiv and his loving family. Rani Maa threatens to vent her anger on them, but Surilii remains undeterred, stating that she has come here for love and for Shiv and his family. Swati arrives and embraces Rani Maa, who blesses Raghu and Swati while taunting Surilii. Rani Maa notices Shiv holding Surilii’s hand.

Shiv expresses his frustration, stating that it has reached its limit. Surilii promises to win Rani Maa’s heart and prepares coffee for her, which angers Rani Maa.

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