Bade Achhe Lagte Hai 3 16th June 2023 Written Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3 16th June 2023 Written Update on

Ram stated that she has no interest in money. She affirms it by saying she is only interested in her earnings. Ram acknowledges her uniqueness, mentioning that his mother had called. Kriti arrives to meet Ram, but Shardul intercepts her. Kriti asks if Ram is inside, right?

Ram asks shall I send a car for you, are you coming to Alekha’s engagement. She says I’ll see why they need privacy. Ram says yes, he got engaged and you are here. He is in the cabin talking to Priya. You wait, I’ll tell him.

Priya asks how I will be at my ex’s engagement. Ram says I don’t want to be insensitive, move on, it’s too late. Priya punches Ram. He screams. Kriti hears him and asks him to open the door. Ram opens the door. Shardul walks in.

Kriti asks Ram what happened. Ram says she punched me. Kriti asks what happened. Ram says she returned the papers. Kriti argues. Priya asks Ram what happened. Ram asks her to explain. She smiles and leaves. Kriti says don’t lie to me. Shardul laughs. Ram says I was inviting Priya but she doesn’t want to come. He explains. He says Priya punched me. Kriti, I didn’t punch you.

She says you keep a log and write down what you do for me. Ram goes. Kriti speaks to her manager. She says I’m going to Alekha’s engagement so that you can get the contract there. Priya tells Ritika everything. A car splashes dirty water on Priya as she walks on the road. There is an argument between the lady and Priya. She justifies herself. Priya says to be careful. The lady says ‘I saw you somewhere’. Priya says to drive safely. Ram meets Alekha and Yash. Shalini calls for Priya.

She praises Priya. Ram says how shall I explain to her, Priya said she wouldn’t come. Alekha says I understand. Kriti arrives. Shalini hugs her. Ram says I feel tense. Shalini introduces Kriti to Rinesh. She asks them to talk about their marriage. She leaves. Kriti goes to Ram and asks why he’s not working.

Shalini asks Ram about Priya. She says she will call her. Ram says she won’t come. She gets surprised to see Priya and her family. Ram also looks on. Yuvraj gazes at Priya.

Alekha asks are you okay, Priya refused to come. Yuvraj says it’s fine, I don’t care. Ram says Priya, you said you wouldn’t come. She says she stays silent for energy saving, but some people think it’s our weakness. Ram asks what you mean, is anyone bothering you? Shalini asks Ram and Priya to take pictures.

Shreya comes and hugs Kriti, saying I’m at the engagement, and I’m waiting for you. She says I tried to attend Ram’s engagement, but I couldn’t get a flight. Kriti says good, you’re here. As Shreya says, you’re being stupid, you should marry Ram, he’s ready to marry you, but you rejected the proposal because of your career.

She says Ram’s worth is 1000 crores. Kriti says you won’t understand. Shalini says Ram and Priya will start dancing, and everyone comes. Riya gives Kriti the contract.

The singles app is closing, so that’s why you didn’t receive the payment. Kriti hopes it’s just a rumour. Ram and Priya dance. Kriti becomes jealous. Priya remembers Ritika’s words.


Kriti asks Shreya to do something to stop the engagement. Shreya says we shall break the relationship with Priya’s family.

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