Bade Achhe Lagte Hai 3 15th June 2023 Written Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 15th June 2023 Written Episode Update on

Priya has proven her love, and you have also proved your love, Ram, by giving her 50% of your property. She tells Yuvraj to get the documents. Ram and Priya become worried.

The file is given to Priya by Yuvraj. Shalini says it’s a gift from me. Ram signs the papers and gives them to her. Anju says she is so lucky. Shalini says she is less fortunate than us. Anju says we will begin the ceremony. Shalini says yes.

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Elegant trio : set of 3 elegant rakhis

Shalini asks Ram and Priya to come. She gives the rings. Ram and Priya get engaged. Yuvraj gets angry. Ram asks how you manage to do this. Despite what she says, no parent can accept a contract marriage, I can’t hurt your mom, I told you that, and I’m not interested in your money.

He says you are ideal bahu material, you are good at acting. She says you have no chance, you can’t act. She jokes on him. Alekha comes and takes their pictures. She asks them to pose normally. She shows Ram and Priya their rings and smiles. Shalini and Anju watch. Shalini exclaims, “Ram has found his Sita today!”

Shalini excitedly declares that she will soon finalize the wedding date. Alekha expresses being moved emotionally and finds it very touching. Shalini then suggests to Alekha and Yuvraj that they should get engaged the following day. Ram acknowledges their love for each other. Yuvraj responds to Alekha, saying, “Alekha, let’s get engaged tomorrow.” Upon hearing this, Priya becomes saddened. She hugs Alekha, and they share a smile together.

Everyone congratulates Alekha and Yuvraj. Priya goes away and cries. Ram follows her. She says I am hurt but not weak. It’s okay, I’ll sit here, and everyone will be happy to see us together, they won’t ask anything, you can cry, I can’t help you, but I can be here to support you, so I can. She nods. He offers her a tissue. Bade acche…plays…

In the morning, Priya announces that she is heading to the clinic. Anju informs her that some girls have come to meet her. Priya responds, stating that she doesn’t see patients at home. Anju clarifies that they are not patients but rather renowned designers. Priya expresses her reluctance to attend her ex’s engagement. She informs the girls that she has prior work commitments and won’t be able to attend the function. Disappointed, the girls take their leave.

Anju tells her to forget Yuvraj, otherwise, she can’t move on, think of Ram, will he go alone to the function after engagement? Priya goes to meet Ram at his office. Ram asks what did you get, I heard wives make food for their husbands, you don’t need to make it, just tell me what you got. He asks her to guess. When he smells the food, he knows it’s aloo ke parathas.

I got the company papers. He asks her to wait. She says I did not sign them. He asks if you value my company value. She says great, takes it as my wedding gift.


Kriti comes there. Ram explains to her. Yuvraj moved on. You should also move on.

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