Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 14th June 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 14th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Madhu and Rani Maa start arguing. Rani Maa says Swati will be the queen after me. Surilii hugs Shiv and apologizes. Shiv says Rani Maa takes such decisions under tension.

If Swati accepts Raghu’s love proposal, Ravi Maa says she will get everything. Swati knows it, Raghu loves her so much, Shiv does not. I have announced the wedding for next week, and Swati will be brought to the palace during that time. I like Swati a lot, and Raghu also likes her. If you want Swati to marry Shiv or the one who loves her, you have to make that decision.

Shiv becomes emotional and opens up about Raghu and Rani Maa. He emphasizes the importance of not mistaking control for ego. Shiv mentions that Raghu will gain wisdom from his experiences. Later, Raghu encounters Samar, who warmly embraces him. Shiv inquires if Rani Maa’s anger has calmed down.

I got her consent, so I will handle the entire business since Rani Maa gave me Shiv’s place. Raghu says you did it, I got her consent, and I will handle the entire business. Samar says really, congrats, wow, you deserve this, Rani Maa is sharp. I knew she would make the right decision. Raghu raises a question, “Why are you favouring one side? The white side has already lost.”

You don’t know this, Samar says. Raghu says let’s celebrate our success. Surilii says I have a plan to improve everyone’s mood, I’m proud to be a café owner, so a good cup of coffee and breakfast will improve the mood. We will make it happen. Maan says she can’t use the kitchen. She asks where it is.

“What’s the issue with sending bahus to cook food? Why is that the case?” she asks. Then, she inquires, “Is Raghu going to join us? I don’t think so.” Maan responds, “There are certain rules that must not be violated.” Curious, she asks, “But why? What happens if the rules are broken? Neither of us knows the consequences of breaking the rules, so can I break them?”

Maan agrees, saying, “Okay, Sam, stay alert. If Mom comes this way, take Surilii out of the kitchen.” Sam wishes her the best. Raghu admits, “I got heavily drunk and ended up at Swati’s house. I revealed everything to her, but she refused to listen.” Samar remarks, “You lack patience.”

Swati calls Raghu, and Samar suggests, “Ask her to meet you.” Swati greets Raghu and expresses her desire to meet him. Raghu agrees, asking when and expressing his certainty. Samar smiles, and Raghu replies affirmatively, saying, “Yes, fine.”

Raghu exclaims, “She wants to meet me. How do you manage this? You’re a genius.” Samar modestly responds, “It’s experience. Don’t waste time, go to Swati.” Raghu leaves. Samar declares, “I will celebrate the downfall of the Barot family.” Surilii greets Ambitai and his servants. Ambitai tells her, “You don’t have to come here.”

Suriilii says no, she wants to make something, so what’s a big deal if I cook for you? Tell me where the things are. After making the cupcakes, she asks them to taste them. They refuse. She asks why not eat them and tell me how they taste. Shiv asks what, Raghu raises his hand. Bandish asks how he can do this, no one can raise their hands on you.

Then Shiv apologizes to Bandish, saying you are not just an employee, you are an imp for me, no one has the right to slap you. Bandish thanks. Shiv apologizes again. Rani Maa is on her way. She says the arrangements should be grand. Veera looks at her. Rani Maa says she knows Swati’s answer, she cannot refuse. Swati says no, ask Rani Maa to give you Shiv’s powers.

You are thinking about me, Raghu says. She asks if I am saying yes to the one who has become Shiv’s shadow or to the one who will give me the queen’s place. He says your place will come true, Mum has given me Shiv’s spot in business, you will be Ranakgarh’s next queen.

Shiv asks how you slapped Bandish. Swati says sorry, I didn’t know. Raghu says see who I am. Shiv says to Swati, “I have already apologized to her,” Raghu states. “So much happened here, and you weren’t around, so I took care of things. Bandish is completely clueless about his work and lacks manners, yet you granted him freedom. Therefore, I will dismiss him.”

Raghu says Shiv is a capable and sincere man. Surili says I got special cupcakes for you all. She greets Swati and says I am Shiv’s wife, Surili. Swati tells her name, saying she is Raghu’s prospective wife. Raghu smiles back.


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