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Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum

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In the episode, Ambitai apologizes to Surilii, someone has to die. Shiv worries. Surilii awakens and sees her wound. Ambitai goes to the inspector and asks to meet Monty. He says Surilii will meet Monty first. Upon meeting Monty, he stops her and asks her if she wants to meet Monty. She says Surilii sent me to meet him.

She meets Monty and threatens him. She says you keep your tongue sealed, understand? Monty asks me what I did, leave me, and why are you doing this. In the palace, everyone watches live footage. Surilii plays the video. Maan asks how you got hurt, are you okay, what happened. Surilii cries. Shiv sees the thread and remembers his words. He wipes her tears. Ambitai comes home and finds the video shocking. She says you’re here.

The trailer is just a trailer, watch what happens next. Suriilii taunts Ambitai. She asks why, did you get a shock, got trapped. Samar is on her way. He calls Ambitai. She doesn’t answer. He worries. Shiv says I considered you a mother since childhood, so why did you do this?

“It’s taken me quite a while to uncover this,” Ambitai explains, “I’ve taken matters into my own hands. I’ve shielded Monty from the public eye and law enforcement, all while discreetly circulating your image. And you’re probably wondering why I went through all of this trouble. The truth is, I intended to end your life, and I executed my plan accordingly.” The revelation leaves everyone in a state of shock. Samar makes a quick dash for it. Ambitai adds, “Had Samar not intervened, my vendetta would have been fully realized.”
Samar stares at the screen. Rani Maa scolds Ambitai. She says I gave you work and respect. Ambitai argues. You forgot your black deeds. I brought Guni to this palace, I created a puppet and made her say bad things so you would always be worried. I made her stay in anxiety. Surilii and Shiv ask why you did this.

Then Ambitai stops Samar. She says you have money and power, you will find my family now, you won’t get anything, I do not have anyone, Damayanti is responsible. Rani Maa says what. Ambitai says yes, this secret was hidden in your heart. We three know it, you, me and Veera. Shiv says stop it. You are playing a different game, you are playing with our emotions. Ambitai says you will play with mind, heart, and life, Rani Maa is a clever player. Samar watches. Rani Maa stumbles.

Everyone worries. Ambitai inquires, “What’s going on? Are you feeling rattled?” She says Rani Maa had disappeared a secret from here, and I had sworn I would ruin Damayanti, who ruined the life of my sister Suchitra. Samar cries. Shiv asks who Suchitra is, and what is her relationship with my mother. Ambitai says she had a relationship with your mum and dad, your father’s true love.

Shiv asks, what? Rani Maa says no. As Ambitai points out, King Chandrabhan did not love Damayanti, he married her and rejected his love because of family pressure, he just loved Suchitra, he left Suchitra, but his love for her never left him. He used to spend most of his time with Suchitra in the city; Damayanti knew this well, and she tried to break them apart, but was unable, their love was true, and he stood by her.

She says Shiv, when Rani Maa lost, she created such a situation that the King couldn’t tolerate, and he suffered a heart attack. Damayanti brought his dead body home and declared that he had died here, he had suffered a heart attack and died. Swati’s parents, Hari and Madhu, supported her in this drama, Hari stepped into politics, thinking that he would be able to get a seat if he helped Rani Maa win.

Swati recollected Madhu’s words. Ambitai commented that Rani Maa had caused trouble for her sister, leading to Suchitra taking her own life, though Ambitai had found vengeance. Veera proposed she come with him and Ambitai replied that Suchitra’s soul would never be at peace until Damayanti was brought down. She then left the scene while Shiv expressed his compassion for her suffering over the last two decades and asked her to not speak about it anymore. Samar proclaimed Karma and continued that Damayanti was now hurting in turn, as she had put his mum through pain and was responsible for her death. He then added that he possessed two weapons of revenge accompanied by fire and power.


Samar performs a puja and swears that he will begin his revenge with Surilii. He burns Surilii’s photo.

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