Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 22nd September 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 22nd September 2023 Written Episode Update on

After Mohit prays for Shiv, Ranimaa and Surili also pray. When Maan arrives, he tells Ranimaa and Surili that Shiv has a blood donor. You can meet Shiv once he gets conscious, according to the doctor. Ranimaa asks who saved Shiv. The doctor says Samar, their blood characteristics are the same, so they have the same blood in their veins. Everyone meets Shiv.

Suriili asks how you’re feeling. Shiv signs fine. He asks about Samar. Samar comes to him and says forgive me, I got blinded by hatred. Shiv thanks him for saving his life. Shiv says take good memories from Ranak. Samar says I’ll remember your greatness, take care. Shiv says bring your friends back soon. Mohit says he’s going to miss Samar uncle a lot. Samar asks him not to bother Shiv and Suri. In return, he says, “I’ll miss you too.”.

A picture of Ranimaa and his son is obtained by Samar. Ranimaa says stop, you came here to take a place for Suchitra, you have succeeded, she has a place in Ranak, let it be here, I told you that just blood isn’t enough to become a Barot, you have it in you. Surili says thanks Samar, you saved Shiv’s life. Samar says no, your goodness helped me understand, hatred has no place in this world.

As Raghav says, we will forget everything and begin again. Raghav, Maan and Sam thank him. Samar says I now comprehend the meaning of your unity song. I’ve told the police everything, and I’m ready to take the punishment. He calls Ranimaa as Maa. Ranimaa cries and says she has five sons from today, I don’t want any more, please hug me before you leave. He says Maa and hugs her. They cry. He leaves.

Shiv stops Samar. He says you are going… Samar says yes, I have committed many sins, some punishment is necessary, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Shiv says this happens between brothers, you have to be a part of both the family and the business, we will make it successful, he promises. Samar hugs him. Shiv says he’ll wait for you. Samar says he’ll wait too. The police arrive. Samar takes Ranimaa’s blessings and goes with them.

Shiv says Roshni, you plotted to separate us, I will never forgive you for this. She says sorry, my way was wrong, but not the motive, I did it for Mohit’s right. Shiv scolds her and goes. She cries. Surili says I hope you understand me, I respect Shiv and your relation, please forgive me. Surili says I don’t hate you at all. They hug.

Ranimaa comes. Roshni says I went away from Shiv on your saying, I want to ask you something for my son, please accept Mohit. As my grandson, he has a claim to this palace, Ranimaa says. She asks Surili not to refuse. She says he needs a family, as I cannot give him the happiness and upbringing Shiv and Surili would give him.

It’s hard for me to refuse, I have a son and another one is on the way. Mohit will receive respect and rights as well. Ranimaa blesses Roshni. She takes her blessings and thanks her. Shiv goes to her. Shiv, she says I’m leaving, Shiv, I have to stay away from Mohit so he won’t come close to you, please forgive me.

She promises to meet me every week. ‘If you promise me, you won’t trouble Surili and Shiv,’ she says. He promises. Roshni says she will go to her dad, and you will enjoy with him. Shiv hugs her. She says I promise. She leaves. Shiv thanks Surili for taking care of his family. She says it’s a new beginning. He kisses her. She says anyone can see. He says you’re my official wife, so I can kiss you. He kisses her.

A month later, Surili sits on the throne. She tells Mithi the menu. Ranimaa smiles. Surili greets the girls. She says congrats, your admission has been accepted to Mumbai college, I am so proud of you, your name Ranak and your parents are proud of you. The girls leave. Ranimaa praises you for encouraging those girls, and some changes in their lives are also good. Surili thanks her.

The deal was good, Raghav says. Shiv says yes, congrats. They hug. My new book has become a bestseller, Maan says. Surili says congrats, this is amazing. Maan shows the book. Ranimaa smiles. Sam says I got admitted to the international school of music. Surili says congratulations. The family hugs and smiles. A family photo is taken.

A happy ending to the show


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