Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 20th July 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 20th July 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Surilii seeing Shiv and rushing to him. She asks him to get up. Sam sees Mithi in the club. She says I got the free passes. He says let’s enjoy now. They go to take mocktails. Sam says no alcohol. Sam marries the man and bribes him, saying you know what to do. The man spikes the drinks. They drink. They get high.

Samar sends a guy to Sam. He says Sam, I have drugs for you, you won’t forget this night. The guy records Sam. Samar smiles and says Maa, just look at what I do. Shiv worries about Surilii. He gets up and smiles. He inquires, “How will you manage to exist without me? Please, lend me your ear.” She chastises him for excessively concerning himself about his well-being.

He says accept it that you love me. She asks him to return home, but he apologises, saying he had promised his mother that he would bring her eldest bahu back. Sam interjects and says there is no room for negativity here. Samar is incredulous; Mithi falls into Sam’s arms unconscious. Claiming she fainted, Sam takes her home. Samar laughs in response while Surilii breaks down in tears. Diya watches the scene unfold before her and leaves. He then switches off the lights, to which Rani Maa questions what happened to them. Raghu remarks that he does not know, and Samar offers to check on it. In a dramatic turn of events, Sam carries Mithi in his arms while Samar turns on the lights – leaving everyone baffled by the sight of them both together. Raghu comments on how all boundaries are being broken when it comes to love nowadays; amazing indeed!

Sam is questioned about whether both of you consumed drinks. Raghu is intercepted by Samar, who reminds him that Sam is his brother. Rani Maa reprimands Sam, and instructs Veera to escort Mithi to her room. Veera guides Mithi away, while Raghu’s frustration builds. Samar attempts to soothe Raghu, urging him to stay composed. Mithi chimes in, “It was enjoyable, Sam, you’re incredibly charming.” Raghu echoes, “It was a good time, Sam, you’re incredibly charming.” Maan comes over and guides Sam. Rani Maa states her intention to converse with Mithi and Sam on the following day.

Surilii gets Diya ready. Shiv asks where the washroom is. Diya says he needs to come. Shiv runs to the washroom. He thanks Diya. She asks him to think to convince Surilii. She says I have an idea. She tells him. He says amazing, how did you get this idea? She says from movies, she watches a lot of movies. He thanks her. She asks him to hide, Surilii is coming and Diya and Surilii leave.

She looks for Shiv when Maan calls her. Shiv checks his phone and says it’s dead. Maan calls her and asks about Shiv. Maan asks did everything get sorted. She says some wounds can’t heal. Shiv sneezes. She asks who’s there. Maan acknowledges, “You both share a deep bond of love and comprehension. I am confident everything will mend. Return promptly and look after yourselves.” He encourages her to take care and continue composing poetry, while Mudu extends the same wish. After bidding her farewell, he tidies up the area in her absence.

Rani Maa scolds Sam, but Maan insists that she forgive him. Samar then suggests giving Sam business responsibilities, as Shiv would have done. He further defends his point saying it’s nobody’s fault and proposes to take Shiv’s place in teaching Sam the business ethics, if Rani Maa permits.

Maan asserts that Shiv is the most suitable match for Sam. He believes Shiv possesses the necessary abilities. Raghu counters by stating that Shiv’s attentiveness depends on his availability for the rest of the family. He points out that Samar has done a great deal for them. Maan reassures that Shiv will return soon. Rani Maa acknowledges Raghu’s perspective and agrees, saying, “You’re right, Raghu.” She addresses Samar, expressing her trust in his loyalty and assigning him the responsibility of guiding Sam onto the right path. She acknowledges that removing every form of support from Samar might have dire consequences.


Shiv eats spicy food and cries. Surilii stops Shiv. Sam gets blackmailed. Samar tells him not to worry. Maan doubts Samar.

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