Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 25th July 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 25th July 2023 Written Episode on

The episode commences with Shiv questioning why she has been silent towards him. She expresses her fear of reacting in a similar manner if the situation repeats itself and requests him to not follow her. Shiv admits that men can be foolish in thinking they hold all the decision-making power, and acknowledges her fears, stating that their fears will lead to love. She counters his dialogue, saying they cannot solve their issue. He asks for the truth, wondering if she does not wish to be with him. He declares his love for her and picks her up, insisting he won’t let her down until she agrees. She threatens to shout, but he reminds her that he doesn’t need anyone’s permission and asks if she wants anything from him or just his presence. She confesses she simply wants him and enjoys it when he persuades her, declaring her love for him too. They share a romantic moment as “Aaj phir tumpe pyaar aaya hai” plays in the background.

“They express their love for you. She mentions feeling hungry and decides to grab some food. He agrees to get it for her. Swati approaches Samar, who advises her not to stare at him. She reveals that she has learned about his successful financial history, but his personal life is not well-documented. Samar confesses that there is darkness in his past. Swati warns him that his intentions can be dangerous. He boldly states that he is a dangerous man and asks if she wants to take the risk. As they continue their conversation, Swati trips and falls on top of him. She admits that she enjoys living on the edge. Samar acknowledges her daring nature by calling her dangerous as well. However, he cautions her that taking risks could lead to ruin. And yet, they both smile.”

Shiv compliments you for how great you look in my shirt and offers you some poha. His hard work seems to have gone to waste since she mentions it doesn’t taste good. However, Shiv encourages her to be honest and she admits its lack of flavour. Despite this setback, she suggests they still have the poha as a symbol of their new beginning as a married couple, reflecting on their vows during the ceremony. She points out the sun and proposes that they make new promises by swearing on its fiery strength. She asks him to promise to take cooking lessons from her, which he agrees to. As they exchange vows, she also asks him not to let anyone interfere in their relationship. He assures her that nothing will come between them, not even the light shining on them. They embrace each other warmly.

Upon watching the family video, Rani Maa becomes emotional and Veera inquires about her well-being. Expressing gratitude for his loyal service and protection, Rani Maa considers sharing the family’s responsibilities with someone else after many years of struggle. However, she doubts whether Swati is ready for such a great responsibility and compares her to Surilii, who may not be capable of handling it either. Comforted by Veera’s presence and reassurance that he will always protect the family, Rani Maa expresses her appreciation for his dedication over the past 55 years.

Upon arriving home, Pammi and Diya were greeted by Surilii and Shiv, who were walking hand in hand. Surilii announced that she had taken a decision, revealing that Shiv had been forgiven by both herself and Maasi. Inquiring about her gift, Diya was pleased to learn that she would be receiving multiple toys as a result of her own suggestion. However, Maasi pointed out that Diya already had plenty of toys. Nonetheless, Diya promised to finish her homework before they went out again. Surilii expressed concern over not informing their mother about their visit, but Shiv reassured her that Maa would understand, with the help of Surilii’s explanation. Finally, Rani Maa reminded everyone of the upcoming Nishta Anushtaan tomorrow and the repeated promise to save them all every ten years.

As Shiv informs Surilii, he says Veera is like Rani Maa’s brother. He says he is the backbone of the family. Veera greets Rani Maa and says Shiv will be there tomorrow. Shiv says I am excited to be with him. Rani Maa asks Shiv. She gets Shiv’s call. She says you have a very long life, I was going to call you. Shiv says I told Surilii about Nishta Anushtaan. She asks if he remembers. He said, yes, I couldn’t, it’s a big day, we’re both coming tomorrow.

He asks Rani Maa to talk to Surilii. Surilii speaks with Rani Maa. Shiv is coming tomorrow, which proves that traditions don’t break. Surilii says that it won’t break, we both will be there tomorrow. Rani Maa says I am glad to hear this. Samar hears this and says your traditions will break along with your pride. Maan hears him and says I won’t let anything go, I understood everything.


Surilii, I want to tell you something. Maan says Samar is the enemy of this family. Veera says she won’t leave him. Maan asks Samar to count down.

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