Bade Achhe Lagte Hai 3 25th July 2023 Written Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3 25th July 2023 Written Episode on

Priya says, “Don’t cry, I can’t see my mum crying,” as the episode begins. She smiles. Anju smiles as well. Shalini says you would have trouble getting these things. Priya says there is no trouble doing anything for family, I did this for your smile. Ram smiles happily. Shalini says we will start puja. Ram recalls his words. They pray together.

Ram comes to his room. He tries to talk to her. He says he doesn’t like the silent treatment, he wants to talk to her. She gets a patient’s call and goes. Shreya comes to talk to Ram. She says Shalini got dependent on Priya, she’ll be hurt when she leaves after three months. He asks who told you this. Kriti says I told her, she’s a friend of mine, and I’m sharing everything with her. Ram says she’s my sister, and I don’t want the family to know this.

Ram asks Shreya to keep this to herself. He says Priya will get respect, otherwise, I won’t tolerate it. Shreya says she just meant to say Shalini won’t like it when Priya goes away. Kriti says keep Shalini away from Priya. Ram ponders what to do. He becomes anxious and realizes that he didn’t consider the consequences that will follow in three months. Shalini is going to be in for a major shock, and Kriti and Shreya were right. If his mom already dislikes Priya, she won’t be concerned when the contract ends.

Ram shares that he was pondering something and then asks Shardul if the auditions went well. Concerned, Shardul asks if Ram is okay. Meanwhile, Anju and Sanjeev celebrate the occasion and have Ritika cut the cake as she got selected. Shardul mentions that Kriti didn’t make the cut, but Ritika did, and suggests that Ram should handle Kriti’s disappointment. Priya joins the conversation via video call. Anju expresses her happiness, and Sanjeev jokes around. Priya compliments Ritika’s hard work that led to her selection. Ritika expresses gratitude and wishes Priya could be there. Anju advises Priya to focus on her new family (Sasural), while Ritika should concentrate on her career.

Priya warned not to mix any anti-ageing powder, but Anju clarified that it was a protein powder. Ritika then expressed what was concerning her. Priya inquired about what was bothering her and she disclosed that the contract with the company was for one year whereas Priya’s contract was only for three months. Despite Kriti being present, she got the contract, so she figured it was fair and that she could make her proud. Anju then experienced some lighter moments as Ritika joked around with her.

Priya tells Shalini that she’ll speak with her later, and scans the prescription. Ram approaches them and goes through Shalini’s diary. He remarks that Priya is eagerly awaiting for their marriage contract to expire in three months, and she responds by saying it is so he could be free from her. Ram inquires if she really believes that to be true, wondering what it will feel like when the three-month contract has ended, claiming something exists between them even though Kriti is waiting for him. Priya questions what he could possibly mean.

As a mum, Shalini is loveable, her smile is something I love. She says I also like her as well. In order to protect her smile, he says we can do anything, but we need your help. We need to do something that will make her dislike you. She says you’re jealous. He says no, she’ll get heartbroken if we tell her about our divorce. She says she might get hurt. He says I’m there to handle her, and things will be easy for her after you leave. She asks what we should do. He says we will think about it.


The two discuss the past meeting. Priya asks the maid about the protein powder.

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