Teri Meri Doriyaan 19th July 2023 Written Update


Teri Meri Doriyaan 19th July 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Angad decorates the house for Sahiba’s surprise birthday party and asks the event manager to play music whenever he enters the home with Sahiba. Veer says he will play music. Manveer looks jealous as he sees the arrangements. Hansraj and Prabjyoth joke that mommy is jealous of her son celebrating her daughter-in-law’s birthday without her knowledge.

Manveer walks to Angad and says he is celebrating his wife’s birthday and did not feel the need to inform his mother. Angad says he wanted to surprise Sahiba and therefore did not want to inform anyone and let Sahiba know somehow about it. Jasleen asks him if he will also celebrate Seerat’s birthday enthusiastically like this. Manveer asks what weird question is this. Hansraj asks why Angad would celebrate Garry’s wife’s birthday.

Jasleen says that Angad took Seerat’s responsibility, so she asked this weird question. Veer says that they’ll celebrate Seerat’s birthday, too. Angad sees the time is 6 p.m. and rushes home to get Sabiba.

Pratap and his wife thank the orphanage warden for making Simran’s adoption process so smooth. Warden says they can take Simran today itself. Simran notices a peon taking samosa into the warden’s room and follows him. She hides behind a file rack. Pratap offers money to the warden and takes her pictures as evidence. Since child trafficking is their business, the two of them say they will visit frequently to adopt more children.

Warden assures them that she will supply kids until she gets the money. Simran makes a sound. Warden rushes to check, noticing her, and asks what she is doing here. Simran acts as waking up and says she was playing here and fell asleep. Warden asks if she heard their conversation. Simran says she was asleep, so Warden relaxes and tells her her parents have arrived.

Pratap and his wife promise to pamper her with lots of chocolate. Simran says she doesn’t want to live with dirty uncle and aunty who offer money to the warden. She steals Pratap’s mobile, sprays room freshener in their eyes, and tries to escape. The warden catches her and locks her in the store room.

Sahiba completed her college and with a call to Keerat was overjoyed. He suggested she should thank Angad for his help, but Sahiba mentioned he hadn’t wished her happy birthday! Keerat smiled before she disconnected the call. Simran then reached out to her in need of saving, prompting Sahiba to hop into an auto and leave before Angad arrived on the scene. She promised Simran she’d be there soon, and instructed her not to open the storeroom until she arrived. Chaat papdi was their code word for this special occasion!

When Angad and Sahiba return home, Brars are ready for the party. Ajith and Santosh enter the party with Keerat. Prabjyoth asks who invited them. Gurleen says they are Sahiba’s parents, so Angad obviously invited them. Maveer and others frown at seeing them and throw tantrums. As she walks away, she asks Veer to call her when Angad arrives.

The watchman checks and informs all the students that they have left for the day. Veer calls Angad and asks him to come home soon. Angad continues to wait for Sahiba and asks the watchman to check. Simran’s mother’s picture makes Inder sad, and he thinks that she didn’t let him meet Simran even after her death. As Simran looks at her mother’s photo in her locket in the dark, she becomes scared. She drops her locket on the floor in an attempt to hide herself.


Inder requests Sahiba not to tell Manveer or Angad that Simran is his illegitimate daughter. Angad is shocked to hear this information.


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