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After giving Angad a sponge bath, Sahiba informs him that the doctor has scheduled a checkup 30 minutes later, specifically inquiring if he experiences any burning pain. Sam responds by saying that he feels pain in the absence of her forgiveness. Sahiba departs from the scene.

Angad stands up from bed and wobbles. Sahiba holds him. He says she is taking care of him on one side and doesn’t want to forgive him. Sahiba silently makes him lie down on the bed. Veer asks how Angad is doing.

Sahiba says that Angad can ask him when he comes out of the washroom. Angad returns. Seerat asks how he is. He says that he is fine, thanks to Sahiba. Veer serves him food and also extends the offer to Sahiba, asking her to have some as well. Sahiba replies that she will have it later. Her oath was not to have anything until Angad opened his eyes. Angad asks Sahiba next. Sahiba says he should have it first since he needs medicine. She goes out to check dosages with the nurse.

She asks Sahiba why she is acting so rudely when Angad saved her life. Sahiba says Angad wants to buy their shop and the fire accident is his fault. Seerat says Sahiba should celebrate that Angad wants to help her instead of being rude to him.

Sahiba expresses her reluctance to discuss the matter and proceeds to rejoin Angad. Veer asks Angad to stay with him tonight and allow Sahiba to go home and rest. Sahiba refuses and says she’ll stay with him. Veer and Seerat walk away. Angad asks her why she sent Veer away when she doesn’t even want to talk to him.

Sahiba reveals that she has made a commitment to take care of Angad until he returns home. Later, Angad offers her some food and remarks that she seems overly concerned about ATM. He mentions how he subconsciously sensed her worry for him, which made him think that he might not survive. He wonders why she has become silent when she used to be talkative around him. Angad asks her not to vent her anger on the food and offers her a bite. He suggests that if she can feed him water, why can’t he feed her food? Sahiba reluctantly takes a bite and looks away.

Angad cares for Sahiba even after their wedding happened under unwelcome circumstances, but even after a love marriage, Garry barely looks at her. Seerat feels jealous of Angad’s concern for Sahiba.

Seerat says she didn’t find Garry in the room when she returned home from the hospital. Jasleen asks if he informed her when he would come and where he had gone. Seerat says that he does not inform her. Jasleen says both Sahiba and Seerat are from Shimlapuri, but Seerat is not arrogant or immature like Sahiba, and she keeps bedroom matters inside the bedroom like a true Brar daughter-in-law.

If she doesn’t get Garry’s right in Brar family’s business, Seerat says, she’ll be helpless like others.

Veer contacts Sahiba and inquires if she requires anything. Sahiba assures him that there is no need to worry as Seerat has already provided her with everything she needs. Angad inquires about the caller, and Sahiba reveals that it was Veer who checked in to see if there was anything she needed. Angad commends Veer, considering him a sensible young man from their household. Sahiba agrees with his assessment. Curious, Angad asks what happened with Veer.

Sahiba responds, stating that he is an ATM who acts selfishly and destroyed her shop for his own benefit. Angad accepts and apologizes to her. After repeated mistakes, Sahiba says that he lost her trust. He does whatever he wants, and even though he saved her life, she won’t forgive him for it.


Angad reads Gurleen’s report and in shock says Sahiba is pregnant. Gurleen informs her family of good news and asks them to celebrate.


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