Anupama 7th May 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Anupama 7th May 2023, Written Update on

Anupama eagerly waits for Anuj and admires his photo. Hasmukh and Kanta cheer her up while young people dance around her to Dil Nayyo Lagda… song. Anupama dances along with the young people.

Barkha tries to contact Maaya and thinks she can’t lose after so much effort and hopes Maaya does something to stop Anuj from joining her. When Kavya sees Anupama’s message, she notices that she feels shy. When Kavya insists on showing the message and pulls her legs, she sees Anuj buying a sari for Anupama and says that Anuj will be with her in two hours.

Anupama blushes like a newlywed bride, feeling bashful. Anuj picks up his bag and discovers his clothes missing. When he finds his clothes in a cupboard, he asks Maaya how dare she do such a thing. Maaya vows not to let him go at any cost. Anuj tells her that he only loves Anupama and nothing else.

As Maaya tries to convince him to stay, Anuj warns her to stay away. Maaya locks the door. Anuj breaks the lock with his kick. Maaya hugs him tight again. Anuj pushes her away.

It makes Kanta emotional to think of Anupama returning to her house. When Anupama says she’s going to Kapadia mansion, Kanta can visit her often, and even she’ll come here every day for her dance class. The children mock her, teasing that Anuj will join her shortly. As Anupama responds with “two hours,” she feels a wave of shyness washing over her, reminiscent of a young teen bride recently married.

When Anuj travels to the airport, he feels disgusted by Maaya’s actions. He thinks he is more eager to see Anupama now. As he imagines Anupama on a car’s bonnet, a song plays in the background, Jab Se Tumko Chaha Hai Sanam… He approaches her and romances her. When he realizes it is his imagination, he thinks he will never be able to leave Anupama. Maaya calls him repeatedly, but he refuses them.

When Adhik becomes anxious, he asks Ankush if he does not believe that he is digging his own grave. Ankush tells him that his sister is taking him on a path where he will remain poor even if he succeeds in life because a person is the poorest when he has lots of money but no relationships and his sister is teaching him to break down relationships.

Ankush insists his sister is incorrect; he advises Anuj to strive and establish his own empire, warning him that yearning for someone else’s groceries can bring perpetual starvation. He acknowledges the fact that Adhik highly respects and adheres to Barkha, yet he must not obey her wrongful directives. Both are a long way behind Anuj when it comes to running a business – it was his overconfidence that led to the ruin of his firm and expects he won’t go down the same lane. He maintains Kapadia empire necessitates an administrator like Anuj instead of Ankush, Adhik, or Barkha.

He recommends he stop fighting with Paakhi as Paakhi is not wrong. Barkha says Ankush is right, she was desperate out of greed and now she realizes her mistake, so they should accept Anuj’s return and support Anuj and Anupama’s reunification. Ankush looks suspiciously at her suspiciously. It isn’t her conspiracy this time, she just thinks about herself.

As Anupama prepares fritters for Anuj, she hopes he will reach out to her soon. She imagines Anuj hugging her and asking her to make fritters for him soon. She feels shy and then sees Samar standing instead. Since Anuj’s phone is off and he must be fighting, Samar says she is getting out of her waiting time.

Toshu expresses doubt, stating that he doesn’t believe Anuj will return. Leela speculates that Anuj must have already boarded his flight. Vanraj expresses his confusion, unable to understand how Maaya allowed Anuj to leave.

Toshu suggests that Maaya is in love with Anuj, while Vanraj counters, asserting that Maaya takes rather than makes sacrifices. Suddenly, Vanraj receives a phone call and a smile forms on his face. Leela inquires about the caller’s identity, and Vanraj replies, “It was a call from the office.” Leela then asks if he wishes to witness Anupama’s farewell ceremony (vidayi).

As Vanraj says, if they cannot attain happiness, then they should join someone’s happiness; they should all join Anupama’s happiness. Anupama is excited to see Barkha, Ankush, and Adhik at the dinner.


Anupama is anxiously preparing to leave home to meet Anuj. She gets Anuj’s call and stands shocked. Vanraj and Barkha grin at her.

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