Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 1st June 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 1st June 2023 on

Diya asks why the bad people are bad. Surilii says that people aren’t born bad, but their actions are bad. Your dad troubles Sasha and me a lot, so your mum and dad don’t live together. Surilii cries and asks her not to worry. She says your dad has no role in your life, so don’t worry. Diya says bad Maasi, I hate you. Raghu ignores Shiv’s calls. He signs the deal with Samar.

Congrats on your first deal, Samar says, I want to give you some advice, we should talk and share things. Maybe you can get a readymade solution if you do. When Rani Maa asks what, Raghu slapped you. Bandish says yes. She asks if Samar is with him. Bandish says yes. Veera takes Rani Maa to the office.

Shiv calls Maan and tells him about Raghu. Maan says I have to tell you something. Shiv says everything is fine. Diya sees the doll house. Surilii says I’m sorry. Diya asks did my dad send it? She hugs Diya and says you are my best princess, you can’t smile, you are sad within, truth is a friend of strong people, it is our best friend today.

Shiv takes Maan’s help. Surilii calls him and asks if it is a busy day. He says yes, I am planning something special. She says I have told Diya the truth, and made pasta for her. Shiv says I like white sauce pasta. Thanks, you made it easy for me, my Diya is back. I like it a lot, I’m so happy to see her.

You listen to him without arguing, he says. She says she will keep some pasta for you. He says to keep patience. She says I have to leave, I will see you soon. Shiv ends the call and asks Maan to tell him. He practices the Punjabi language. Sam comes and jokes. Shiv asks him to stop. Rani Maa arrives in the office without Raghu.

To celebrate the deal, Bandish says Raghu has gone with Samar. Veera says his car is parked. Bandish says Raghu went in his car with Samar. Veera says Raghu never did this. Rani Maa says there are many unexpected things happening. Bandish says he’ll call him. She says to find out about Samar, he’s influencing Raghu, and what his motives are as well.

Veera says okay. Samar and Raghu drink and talk. Samar says you mean you love Swati, and your mum fixed her relationship with Shiv, Shiv doesn’t know about your feelings, he likes someone else, typical Bollywood movie, I understand family issues, mum takes all decisions, Shiv does what he likes, and you are Mom’s boy, you take all orders, so it’s time to take action, not follow orders.

Samar asks what about your feelings, it doesn’t matter, don’t listen to anyone, you are way better than Shiv in business, and you need to learn from him to live life on your own terms.

‘Meet Swati’, tell her you love her, charm her. Rani Maa wants her to become bahu, Swati will become your wife, once Swati falls in love with you, nothing can stop her from marrying you.


Raghu says I love you so much. Swati is shocked. Shiv says I love Surilii so much, I want to spend my life with her. Swati says Rani Maa, Raghu came to my house drunk. Pammi asks how you will explain your mother.

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